Why I want to become a lawyer

Why I want to become a lawyer

The choice of profession is important. It’s your future work, your daily work. And what it will be (not only in material terms) depends on whether you choose your path correctly or not.

I want to be a lawyer. I do not know how my future destiny will develop – whether I will be able to enter the legal academy… But I will strive. Since I have a friend Anton, who passed exams three times, and he was finally lucky – he became a student at the National Law Academy. Ya Wise. Now he is studying for a lawyer.

The choice of Anton is not the only thing that influenced my decision in choosing a profession. Still – Ivan Franko’s story “Cross paths”. I love this work very much. When I read it, I understood: this is mine. I also want to practice law, study and know the laws, explain them and help people. That is, my goal is to be an enlightened person, to have a prestigious and useful work. Of course – and a normal salary, which would be enough for a living: today this issue is especially acute before graduates. That’s why I think it’s right to say aloud about salary in school, not every parent can keep until old age. I live with my mother and want to help her for old age. And I have no doubt that I will be a lawyer. Wages are not an end in themselves. After all, for me it is important what to do.

How much it is necessary to work so that today our country will rise in full growth, forget about poverty, come out of the economic crisis.

And our people, our wonderful people, also deserve a better fate. It seems to me that the very knowledge in the legal field can help many to stand up, understand and decide how to live on. I do not want to see my people dark and illiterate. To help people, be useful to them, receive money as a material assessment of my work and (most importantly!) Human appreciation as a manifestation of honestly performed duties – that’s what I want. Moral satisfaction from daily work is the highest salary, which is not measured by monetary units. So I want to become a lawyer.

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Why I want to become a lawyer