Biography of Tony Harding

Tonya Harding – a figure skater, was born on November 12, 1970 in Portland, Oregon. She is best known as the figure skating champion, who injured her competitor’s leg. At birth in the biography of Tony Harding was given the name Tonya Maksin Harding.

Harding is a notorious figure skater who attacked her opponent Nancy Kerrigan during the 1994 US Championship. Harding began to skate, while still a child. The first national title in amateur skating was won by Tonya in 1991. The athlete was discussed, saying that she was uncouth, but very athletic. Tonya was the first American to show a triple axel at the competition.

During the 1994 US Championships, Nancy Kerrigan, in a mysterious way, suffered a blow to her leg. Harding won the championship, but thanks to rumors around the world about her striking, the athlete soon found herself in the midst of a criminal investigation.

Tone Harding was allowed to participate in the 1994 Olympics. She took eighth place,

Kerrigan became the second after the Ukrainian Oksana Baiul. However, it was later acknowledged that Harding, along with her ex-husband Jeff Gillouly, had tried to maim Kerrigan. Then Tonya was removed from the national championship, was banned from amateur skating. And Jeff Gillulie was sentenced to two years in prison. The scandal in which the sportswoman was involved reached its peak when the pictures from the first wedding night of the pair were sold to the Penthouse magazine.

The name Harding then continued to rattle in the headlines. But now the situation was not so large, the media got news about her home quarrels, car accidents. In 2002, for boxing on television, a boxing match was organized between Tony Harding and Pole Jones. The scandalist Paul Jones accused Bill Clinton of harassment.

In August 2002, a biography of Tony Harding imprisoned for 10 days for driving in a state of intoxication. In 2003 Tonya tried herself in professional boxing. And the following year she signed a contract for one game with the “Indianapolis Ice” of the Main Hockey League.

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Biography of Tony Harding