The work “Ecology of Culture”

Man is the most developed among the beings of the planet Earth. This person is endowed with the heritage of culture: spiritual, material, culture of relationships, ecology. Ecological culture is one of the integral human relations of man and the environment. At school, we are told a lot that a person should be kind, enlightened, and cultured. Culture is the observance of the universal moral and ethical norms of the relationships between people.

Recently, more and more often people started to talk about the ecological culture of man, about ecology as a science, which includes relations and the environment: use of natural resources, preservation of natural resources, protection of natural objects. Perhaps, environmental problems are so acute because our people have been educated for a long time primarily by politically literate people, given certain ideas. Forest, land, rivers, lakes, they say, is and always will be. And every year our planet becomes more and more polluted. Many

rivers, lakes have turned into swamps and completely dried up because people polluted them with harmful substances, waste and did not care about them. Folk wisdom says: “What kind of people, such and the nature around them.” And it’s true, because it depends on us, in what state the environment that surrounds us will be.

At times we forget this rule, and, resting in the forest or near the pond, we leave garbage after ourselves. Ecological culture also provides for human concern for nature: do not discharge toxic substances into natural reservoirs, carefully remodel waste. And not because some court will fine, but because it is the duty of the person who is the lobe of this environment. I believe that in order to raise the culture of a person, it is necessary to add to the school program the course “Environmental Education” for pupils of grades 5-11. So that everyone knows what kind of water he drinks, how he breathes and how to improve everything and save for descendants.

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The work “Ecology of Culture”