“Relationships with the Elderly” essay

“Relationships with the Elderly” essay

It would seem that the answer arises by itself: naturally, respectful, at least, because of old age. However, in many cases, this is far from being what you would expect.

Many schoolchildren, especially the senior classes, begin to tease over the elderly, more, to mock. Why is this not so?

As sociological studies show, a simple banter over the old, without a cause, occurs only in 1% -3% of cases. In the rest, there are quite a lot of reasons.

The main of them, of course, is the low education of students. Pupils do not understand that an elderly person has a completely different worldview and a completely different mentality. He lived in a completely different era, and his views can be completely different than that of modern schoolchildren.

On the other hand, students themselves do not go to the position of strikers, even if they do not understand something in modern life. Undoubtedly, when they themselves were at the age of modern schoolchildren, life did not have such a pace of development and was not so saturated. Basically, it was a heavy military, or post-war time. For example, older people, although they perceive, but still do not understand why it is necessary to pay tuition? Yes. indeed, at the time of their childhood, training in any, medium, or higher education institution was free. Moreover, many old people do not understand why young people are unemployed? Naturally, when they were young, this was not, and there was a state order, and

a graduate of any educational institution, received a referral to work.

Now, of course, this is no longer. And the fact that most older people can not figure out the simplest mobile phone, it’s generally, causes a storm of laughter among schoolchildren. Ah, you do not have to laugh, but teach! It is clear that at the time of their childhood, about any mobile phones, the Internet. wi-fi and other, “delicious” progress, and there could be no speech!

But, unfortunately, another situation is possible, in which the elderly themselves are already to blame. First of all, this is their behavior.

There are those, especially the elderly men, who, to put it mildly, are not at all indifferent to alcohol, but they can not calculate their strength. They, with all their might, do not want to believe in the fact that they are no longer young, and the elderly organism can not process such a large amount of alcohol as in the young years. So, they turn out, in rather unattractive situations, than cause very serious condemnation from adults, and ridicule from schoolchildren. Although, ideally, they should set an example for the younger generation, and not find themselves in the position in which they are caught, after “excessive libation.”

There is another example that is more relevant to older women. He is in “excessive love” for our four-legged “brothers.”

No, of course, there is nothing wrong with the fact that if a woman gets a dog or a cat, even, both. But, if she begins to plant in her dozens, where a terrible unsanitary condition begins, then it is already crossing all boundaries. And, as it turns out, the matter here, by no means, is in melancholy and loneliness, and even more so, not in love for one’s neighbor.

There are many examples of this, of course, where elderly people themselves are forced to take a negative attitude towards themselves, but, in general, an elderly person, at least, should deserve respect, as he lived his life and has a vast life experience. Schoolchildren should consider this circumstance, and never forget about it!

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“Relationships with the Elderly” essay