Problems of morality

This text describes the impressions that the author, a resident of a large city, received when visiting a small hospital in the village. The story of this event highlights important moral problems.

The first problem is that a person on his life’s path goes through many tests for the strength of his moral sense, and at the same time his task is always to stay on top. He does not lose, will preserve in integrity his conscience and his understanding of honor even in the most unexpected situations. Comment: Conscience for every person is the main controller of his actions and his life behavior.

The second problem is social. It reflects the turmoil, lack of organization and even features of lawlessness in such an important area as medical care in the countryside. The comment can be indicated as follows. Why are doctors so heartless and self-interested, why do patients suffer so much? In this issue, most likely, the government is guilty, indifferent to both rural doctors

and residents of these remote places from big cities.

The author believes that it is very difficult to remain a man in our complex, contradictory age, and not everyone is capable of it. This is his position.

I agree with the opinion of the author. The first argument. There are many people in the world for whom to act conscientiously is the most important vital commandment. On the first channel TC repeatedly showed the story of how a Turkish woman saved a Russian youth from a seemingly deadly, desperate situation. Having got into an accident, he was on the brink of death in a foreign country, but thanks to her care, he survived.

The second argument. A person who is moral will never fail his conscience; on his way to the goal he will not alienate those who are weaker, who are in cramped circumstances. An example of this is the humanitarian assistance of Russian society to the people of Donbas, who are in trouble. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants settled in the vastness of Russia. “Kamaz” with essential goods constantly arrive on war-torn territory to support the starving inhabitants of

the south-eastern region of Ukraine.

The hero of the essay, written by the author, could not deceive both the whole line in general, and a small defenseless child.

Heroes who live according to the laws of good, honor and conscience are portrayed by L. N. Tolstoy in the novel “War and Peace”, “there are no truths where there is no simplicity, goodness and truth” – this maxim characterizes them most fully. At the initiative of Natasha Rostova, the family leaves considerable valuables in Moscow, seized by the enemies, in order to save the wounded. During his stay in the captivity of Pierre Bezukhov, it was the simple soldier Platon Karataev that helped him to withstand the fate of the trial. And Pierre is very grateful to this little, weak-willed man for his support.

Thus, it must always be remembered that, whatever circumstances involve a person in his whirlpool, he must think not only about himself, but also about those who are next to him.

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Problems of morality