The military theme in contemporary literature

The military theme in contemporary literature

The Great Patriotic War is a terrible event in the history of our people. Witnesses and participants of the war gave such an emotional charge, opened them the world and the person in such high and such terrible manifestations that it is simply impossible to forget about it. And although our people have healed the heavy wounds of the war, and in place of the ruins and ashes, new cities and villages have grown up, and trenches and trenches have grown, yet the great feat of soldiers and partisans still lives in the people’s memory. Russian literature helps to present this feat in every detail, to resume the heroic and tragic pages of the war. To the works written about the war in hot pursuit, every year adds new novels, novels and poems. They write their authors, who were themselves participants

in the war, and authors, from whom she took away her childhood. The more time passes, the more severe, truthful,

In modern works, however, war is shown without pompous heroism, as it was unprecedentedly difficult, difficult, bloody for our people. Many of these works were written by Vasily Bykov, a famous writer. Widely known were the stories of V. Bykov “Crane scream”, “Survive da dawn”, “Quarry”, “Sotnikov” and many others. In his works the writer puts the reader in front of the need to look back at his life, to test his life and moral principles. Therefore, the works of V. Bykov find a heartfelt response from readers. For example, the main idea of ​​the story of “Sotnikov” testifies to the fact that death in the war did not always mean defeat, but life, preserved at the cost of treason, always meant death. The story is written psychologically deeply, every detail in it reveals the most important in the souls of people. This attracts the readers of V. Bykov’s works.

There are many more works where the war is shown not embellished, but real. For example, such works as “In the trenches of Stalingrad,” V. Nekrasov, “It’s us, Lord!” and “Killed under Moscow” K. Vorobyov, “The lists did not appear”

B. Vasiliev, as well as works by Yu. Bondarev, I. Shamyakin and many others.

The story “Killed near Moscow” tells of a company of young cadets who have just arrived at the front. At the same time, the NKVD troops are shown, who have the latest weapons, while the sites’ weapons are very poor. And yet the young cadets are the first to go into battle, in which everyone dies.

Really reflecting the war in their works, writers remind humanity of what fascism is, call to be attentive to those wishing to start a new war. That’s why modern writers write about the war. The next time to prevent this nightmare and never forget about it.

Literature on the Great Patriotic War is one of the main pillars on which the high level of contemporary art is held.

“Only he is worthy of life and freedom, who every day goes for them to fight.”

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The military theme in contemporary literature