Composition about music

Music appeared in my life long before I learned to distinguish between different styles and directions, learned about the work of great composers and musicians. The first melody, which I still remember, was my mother’s lullaby. When the words came to an end, my mother sang softly, la-lala-la-la, and her melodic tunes reassured me and, for sure, laid the foundation for my good attitude to music. Then there were musical performances and plays, favorite children’s songs and the first idols.

My taste changed at the same time as my age, today I liked rock, tomorrow pop music, a week later I was ready to give the last money for records of famous rappers, sometimes listening to reggae under the mood, and doing the lessons for popular songs coming from radio channels. And all the time it seemed to me that without music my world would be imperfect, like it repels the cold beauty without a warm smile, or it becomes a boring sea without a storm and white lambs of waves.


in my life plays an important role. When it becomes sad, then I include some fun and popular song, I quietly start singing it, and the mood rises in a few minutes. It is interesting that simultaneously with the fashionable styles of music, which my peers prefer, I like the works of famous classical composers. The sounds of a violin and piano awaken mixed feelings in my soul. On the one hand, it seems to me that I float above the clouds and indulge in dreams, listening to light overflows, chimes and strong chords, and on the other – a disturbing or touching melody touches all the strings of the soul and causes tears. But this mood goes away quickly, because I understand that the musician reflected some of his world and his experiences and conveyed to the listeners thoughts and emotions with the help of notes.

Classical music, in my opinion, is an art that opens up a whole world of passions and emotions, high feelings and noble impulses. It makes people spiritually rich and colors life with new and vivid colors. Talented musicians, like no other, are able to express in music sadness and joy, lightness

and frustration, the whims of nature or the experiences peculiar to lovers. If a good melody is added with words, then a work is obtained that takes possession of the hearts of a huge number of people, it is remembered and auditioned for a long time again and again, until every word and every sound has a new meaning.

Music in my life is the necessary stimulus that helps to achieve the set goals, a constant guide and a skilled healer of mental wounds. Every morning starts with a cheerful song, and when I come home after school, I definitely include something new from my favorite singers or listen to old and familiar records, each of which is connected with a certain moment of my life or pleasant memories. So it turns out that my world is woven from music, beautiful songs and favorite tunes.

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Composition about music