My dream

My dream

Every person has imagination. Already in the early childhood it presents to us pictures both real, and fictional, fantastic. The more imagination is developed, the more incredible and unusual events and things we can imagine.

Dreams appear largely due to the imagination. They can be very simple and workable, for example, buying something. But, as a person grows, his dreams and aspirations grow. There are more specific desires, they can become much broader than children’s. At different times we dream of such things as new phones, expensive cars and luxury goods. Someone is thinking about solving the mysteries of mankind or about flying into space. Whatever it was, each person’s dreams are different, they are very different, but they are united by what they are very desired.


repeatedly thought: “What do I want, what will bring me most happiness?”. The answer to this question is not even easy to find. Initially, only material, material dreams come to mind. But, after I start to think, my aspirations change cardinally. I understand that this is by no means the most important thing in life. It is much more important for me to find myself, my place in life. For me it is more important that parents are happy and healthy.

Help us come to your dream a goal is called. It is hard to live without it. The goal is that which moves us forward, gives strength for new achievements. It seems to me that these concepts are inextricably linked. It is impossible to reach your dream without doing anything. To achieve it you need to work hard, especially if the dreams are tangible, objective.

Remembering my early childhood, I can safely say that dreams throughout our lives are not the same. In childhood, you want something simple, maybe even close and accessible. It can be any toy, a beautiful thing or a bauble. But at this moment in her life she seems to be the most desired dream. As you grow up, dreams change greatly, as do the interests and passions of each person.

I think that the dreams of any person can determine the features of his character. If a person dreams of traveling,

he wants to go round the whole globe, then this is lightness and kindness. If he wants to fly into space or make some discovery, then this person is self-confident, purposeful. In general, it seems to me that dreams come true in the mind of each of us, depending on our character.

Despite all this, it is difficult for me to single out for myself a single, concrete dream. On the one hand, my future is important to me. I want to get a good and interesting profession, which will give me prosperity. On the other hand, I want my family to be happy. I also want to see other countries and live without need. These dreams are different in scale, but they are all very important to me. Their presence motivates to active work both in school and in the future, at work.

Dreams fill our life with bright colors, create beautiful pictures that we ourselves can reproduce in reality. Yes, not all dreams come true. This is our life, because everything can not be as we want. But with this it is necessary to be reconciled and not to despair, in life there will be many more positive moments without it. For me, the main thing is to continue dreaming, go to your goals and not worry about different small reasons.

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My dream