Practicality and the artist are two incompatible concepts?

It is commonly believed that commercialism is alien to commercialism. Therefore, many great artists during their lifetime were poor, although their works were subsequently evaluated in huge amounts and became the property of world culture. However, some celebrities were able to get their laurels and financial well-being (Picasso, Dali, etc.) during their lifetime. Their example allows to assert that, observing some simple rules, you can become a successful and famous artist, of course, subject to the availability of talent. For this you will need:

Portfolio. Its paintings should be stored not only in the studio. It is useful to make an album with images of good quality of their work. It can be typographical or on a flash card; Exhibitions. In order to see as many people as possible, you need to participate in exhibitions, so membership in any professional union of artists is very important for the development of success. After all, it is these communities that often organize exhibitions of paintings with the involvement of viewers through the media; Galleries. Many great artists began with the fact that they offered their paintings in the gallery. With a certain perseverance...

(and quality of works, of course), sooner or later at least one picture will be accepted, which means that one more step has been taken towards recognition and success; Sale. In our time, you can sell your paintings not only on the ruins and souvenir shops. The Internet covers a larger audience than the store, so it is worthwhile to offer works on specialized websites or open your online store; Sale or donation of their paintings to famous people, organizations. Thanks to the fact that such gifts are covered by the press, the artist’s name becomes known. And this circumstance will prompt the gallery or founders of future exhibitions to be more supportive of the participation in them of an already well-known artist.

If your subtle nature does not allow you to engage in marketing, then you should contact art dealers. A detailed contract with a professional dealer of paintings will allow you not to be distracted by promotion and sale, but to concentrate all your efforts on creativity.

And how do you think, what people often become successful artists? Share your opinion, and perhaps experience in the comments to this article.

Practicality and the artist are two incompatible concepts?