My pet is a dog

My pet is a dog

Many of my friends at home live cats, fish, hamsters, rats. And my most favorite pet is a dog, which I want to tell about in my composition.

My dog ​​lives in my house, White, now he is two years old. And it has appeared at us very simply: we with mum and the daddy have arrived on the bird’s market to buy a small kitten. At one point we passed by grandfather, who had a tiny white lump in the box. It was very cold, and the puppy all cringed from the frost and trembled. We could not pass by. It turned out that the puppy was given free of charge in good hands. Money for him did not ask, because he’s mongrel. Grandfather said that he will grow into a medium-sized dog, and that we definitely do not get bored with him. Without thinking twice, we decided to take the dog to our house.

The next day we took White to the vet, and he said that he was completely healthy, and that he was about two months old. However, due to the fact that he was vaccinated, he could walk with him only a month later.

White, indeed, was very cheerful and playful. The first few days, of course, he was absorbed in the apartment and was very modest. But over time, he began to feel a full member of the family.

I trained White a lot, and now he can sit, lie, give a paw, jump over the barrier, bring a toy or a stick, dance and still a lot of things. White is a very clever dog, he understands everything from a half-word.

We feed White porridge with meat and vegetables. Most of all he likes buckwheat with beef and carrots.
I have a long walk with White, especially in the evening. In the summer we will go to the village with my grandparents.
White is the best dog. Our whole family is just happy that we took it from the bird market that day. He gives us many happy moments. White is my best friend and I love him very much.

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My pet is a dog