I and the adult world

I and the adult world… I no longer seem, like a few years ago, that these are two very distant from each other planets. Every year, this mysterious and mysterious planet of adults is getting closer and clearer to me, I learn its language, get acquainted with the traditions. I’m happy to learn new things, but it’s so sad to part with my childhood…

In three years we will finish school. Sometimes I ask myself: how ready am I for this adult life, for an independent solution of problems, for establishing my own family? And I understand that much more is needed to learn. These three years left before release, now seem very short. Strange, but every day the time rolls faster. How long the holidays lasted in the junior classes, and now not only months and years have disappeared somewhere! Where are you hurrying, time?

Time rushes and urges us, teachers and parents say: study, learn, learn… And we now so want freedom! When you get to a foreign country,

you immediately pay attention to bright, positive, pleasant differences: wow, what beautiful people here are, how many tasty and cheap fruits, beautiful clothes, the sea next door. Problems and difficulties you will learn much later. So in the adult world: in the first place attracts something that is not yet available to us. We see and value the freedom and independence of adults, the diversity of rights, the possibility of solving many issues, and the enormous responsibility that they bear not only for their own, but also for other people’s lives, can not be assessed.

I want to learn how to plan the future, soberly reason, evaluate my abilities and other people’s opportunities. I think that these qualities will be very useful to me in adulthood. But much can not be learned by sitting at home, watching television or even reading books. We must actively live, think, act. Therefore, every time I touch the world of adults with a sinking heart, try it on myself to enter into it not as a foreigner, but as a person who understands his laws and customs.

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I and the adult world