Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. Biography

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. Biography

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov is a Russian writer, master of short stories and psychological plays. Chekhov the prose writer developed the traditions of Russian realistic prose of the nineteenth century, enriching them with elements of symbolism and impressionism. And as a playwright he created an innovative theater that opened a new page in the world of drama.

The life of A. Chekhov in dates and facts

January 29, 1860 – was born in Taganrog in a large family of a merchant.

1869 – entered the Taganrog Gymnasium.

1876 ​​- because of the bankruptcy of his father, the family was forced to move to Moscow. Anton stayed in his hometown until the end of the gymnasium.

1879 -1884 years. – studied at the Medical Faculty of Moscow University. Even

in his first year, Chekhov appeared in periodicals with short humorous stories that attracted the attention of the public and literary critics. Soon he developed a wide cooperation with humorous magazines “Strekoza”, “Alarm Clock”, “Spectator”, “Shards”, etc. His works were signed by the young author with the names “Antosh Chekhonte”, “Man without a Spleen”, “Brother of his Brother”.

1884 – in accordance with the received diploma, engaged in medical activities, continuing to combine it with intensive literary creativity. In the same year, the writer first showed symptoms of tuberculosis, which later assumed a severe form and caused premature death.

1886 -1887 years. – Collections of Anton Chekhov’s “Motley Stories” and “In Twilight: Essays and Stories” were published, and his play “Ivanov” was also staged for the first time on the stage.

1888 – the writer was awarded the Pushkin Prize of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

1890 – published a collection of stories “Gloomy People” and traveled to Sakhalin to study the life of convicts. Chekhov shared his impressions of this trip on the pages of the book “Sakhalin Island”.

1891 –

made his first trip to Europe.

1892 – he treated the affected cholera in the Tula province.

1894 – for the second time he visited abroad.

1895 – the premiere of the Chekhov play “The Seagull” was held at the Alexandrinsky Theater, which ended in a loud failure.

1897 – on the advice of doctors, the writer moved to live in Yalta.

1900 – was elected an honorary academician of the Russian Academy, but a year later he resigned from this title in protest against the exclusion of Maxim Gorky from its composition.

1901 – married with the famous actress O. Knipper.

1904 – the play “The Cherry Orchard” was staged in the Moscow Art Theater. Due to a sharp deterioration of health Chekhov was forced to urgently go abroad for the course of treatment, but doctors could not save him.

July 2, 1904 – the writer died.

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Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. Biography