Composition “Birds are our friends”

In nature, everything is arranged very wisely. All parts of the ecosystem are interlinked and help maintain balance. Birds are little helpers of man. At first glance, they can not somehow influence our life, but it’s not.

Birds are great helpers for gardeners. They eat insects – pests: caterpillars, aphids, weevils. And they also feed their chicks. In addition, birds are big gourmands. They love to eat the seeds of weeds. This is an excellent tool for gardeners, since it reduces the number of harmful plants. It is impossible not to mention the “forest savants” – woodpeckers, who help trees to cope with pests.

There are birds – predators, which feed on various small rodents, reducing their population.
Our feathered friends are directly involved in the multiplication of many plants. Some of them eat the hips, the mountain ash whole, digest them, and the seeds and seeds come out naturally – so the plants multiply. Other birds hide acorns in the fallen foliage, which after germinate with young oaks.

It is very important to be grateful to the birds for their help. In our power to facilitate their wintering: to build feeding troughs, to feed them. In the spring it is possible to make for them small houses – birdhouses.

In our forests and cities you can meet many different kinds of birds: pigeons, sparrows, nightingales, etc. Some glorify their bright and beautiful plumage, while others delight the hearing with magnificent singing.

It happens that birds become pets, family members. For example, some parrots can be taught to imitate human speech.

Birds are our friends! It is important to take care of them.

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Composition “Birds are our friends”