There are many necessary professions in the world. One such profession, without which mankind can not live, is the driver. That’s really without whom we

When I have free time, I often listen to music of different genres. Classical music is the best way to relax. My favorite composer is

Modern society requires different skills from a person, including my own thoughts. The education system as a source of knowledge is obliged to teach the

The image of the “little man” is a kind of generalized portrait of a non-noble or well-born, but poor, insulted by high-ranking co-workers of a

There are high cultures that have accumulated many interesting discoveries, created masterpieces of literature and art, but at the same time they did not aspire

Nowadays many people have friends, but very few know what a “friend” is. For me, a true friend is the person with whom you can

Recently, this is a very difficult topic for writing, because the winters are becoming shorter and less like the real, glorified by poets, depicted by

The day was sunny, there was not a cloud in the sky. The morning breeze pleasantly cooled, and Steven Tyler played in the headphones. It

Every year, our country marks another peaceful spring, but time, front wounds and diseases are inexorable. Out of every 100 winners, only two remain alive

I love my city. I was born here, my mother and grandfather come from here. My relatives and beloved friends live here. My city is