“I live with Ukraine in the blood on the land of Ukraine”

The theme of this work made me think not only about my homeland, but also about the problem that Ukraine is still arguing about: the place of the Russian language in our country. In my opinion, Boris Chichibabin, our countryman-Kharkiv citizen, who glorified Ukraine with his poems written in Russian, this line long ago resolved this dispute.

In this line the poet expressed his love for the Ukrainian land and its people. And it does not matter in what language it is written. Residents of Eastern Ukraine mostly speak and think in Russian. But to draw a conclusion from this that they do not like Ukraine, are not proud of it, do not want its prosperity is nationalist absurdity. Boris Chichibabin, Nikolai Amosov, Eugene Paton… Did not they love and do not like their homeland? But for each of them the native language is Russian! Historically, it is impossible to reproach people who have absorbed Russian as mother tongue with their mother’s milk. Bilingualism does not at

all contradict the fact that in an independent state the language of the majority must be the official language. In Ukraine it is the Ukrainian language.

Homeland, as the poet correctly said, is in the blood. All Canada speaks English, that is, its “Canadian” language does not. But who will say that Canadians are not patriots? The feeling of the homeland is not a verbal declaration, it’s not a speech at rallies about the love of the people, about taking care of its welfare, these are not pre-election promises and assurances to do everything for people. This is not only a reverential attitude to the state attributes. This is the devotion to the Fatherland in deed. To live with the homeland in blood is to work honestly, contributing to the prosperity of the country.

The history of Ukraine knows a lot of outstanding personalities who contributed to the development of the country with their own affairs. One of them is Vladimir Simirenko. Here is a true patriot of Ukraine! His work was aimed at the development of industry in the country, his wealth – a generous patronage. V. Simirenko gave

money for the publication of newspapers, magazines, supported student youth, none of the pre-revolutionary publications of T. Shevchenko was not carried out without his help. Before his death, Simirenko bequeathed his capital to the Ukrainian national movement. Due to the fund he created, after his death, industry and agriculture developed, jobs were created. Subsequently, the case of Simirenko was continued by his children and grandchildren. Here is an example of not a declarative, but a true love for the motherland. This is not P. Lazarenko, who robbed his people and took capital abroad.

In conclusion, I want to say that in today’s Ukraine there are already rich people, but there are no patrons who would care about the people’s welfare, not just their own, who are rooting for the people. I want to believe that this is “for the time being” that the feeling of the motherland will eventually penetrate into their blood and soul.

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“I live with Ukraine in the blood on the land of Ukraine”