Writing about the world

Mankind faces a difficult choice between the further devastation of natural resources and the search for alternative solutions for the revival of our long-suffering planet. After reading the essay on the world, each of us should now think about how to properly equip his life in harmony with the amazingly beautiful environment and its inhabitants, as well as give the succeeding generations the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and richness of the Earth.

How much humanity exists – so many military conflicts arise. Basically, this is a struggle for a territory rich in fertile land and mineral deposits. In the modern world, where the population has exceeded seven billion, there is a constant temptation to seize a large, vital space.

Most often, the warring parties hide behind religion, purporting to purify the world of the Gentiles. To the age-old confrontation of Jews and Arabs, many countries of the world are gradually being pulled up, supporting one or another position,

but, for the most part, for their own benefit.

Look around! Is this beautiful, the surrounding world deserved such a barbarous attitude to itself. Where the cannons thunder, birds stop talking there; the plant and animal worlds are dying; once transparent water bodies become turbid and dead, losing their unique underwater world; the high mountains shudder, spewing with sizzling avalanches; many civilians are dying, who are not at all eager for violence; the bitterness of losses flows through the sorrowful tears of children, washing away from small faces The remains of a happy childhood.

Powers that be! Stop and think, what are your victories on, destroyed by wars, the planet? What will you leave to your descendants, except for a phantom wealth and power, devastating the earth’s bosom without a trace? Where will your grandchildren draw inspiration for the creation of great works of art that should leave their immortal footprint in the ages to come? On whom should they look and who should learn mercy and the sense of beauty?

Without peaceful coexistence, not only millions or even billions of

people will perish, but the entire cunning civilization that rich countries are so keen on for the poor who are on the brink of survival, the scanty remnants of ancient peoples. Although, perhaps, only they will be able to survive in the ruined world and with their primitively deep connection with nature save the planet from a global catastrophe.

People! Turn your mind and common sense! Look into the mischievous eyes of the child, caress the stray dog, admire the blossoming branch of the lilac, plunge into the cool of the clear sea wave, sit by the fire with friends, call your relatives and friends, release your soul into the beautiful world by a free bird, freeing it from the bondage of love and power cruelty.

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Writing about the world