What is meant by freedom of will, action and creativity

Throughout life a person, being free, chooses: how to dress and which store to go, where and how to study, where and how to work. Choosing the path or the way to achieve some goal, we often do not think about why we act in one way or another, but simply imitate the behavior of our parents, favorite heroes, etc. At the same time, people never stopped looking for answers to the questions: what is happiness? how to achieve it? why some people are happy, and others are unhappy? what forces determine the destiny of each of us?

The ancient Greeks created a myth about the three goddesses of fate, who were called Moira. One of them spun the thread of human life, the other draws lots: what should fall to the share of man. The third – wrote down everything in the scroll of life that should have happened. It was believed that neither the gods nor man could change the fate traced by Moira. Christianity opposed the belief in God’s providence to beliefs about destiny. Everything

that happens in the world and in human life is the fulfillment of the will of God, which man can not comprehend, let alone change man. The philosophers also sought the answer to this question. Some of them believed that human life is conditioned by the unshakable laws of the existence of the world, external, independent of human causes. Others defended the view of human freedom, arguing that everything depends on him – his desires, aspirations, consciousness,

Two points of view on what determines the life path and happiness of a person

Let’s compare these points of view. At first glance, a person’s life really depends on what time, in what country, in what conditions he was born, how his parents brought him up, what school they gave to study, etc. It does not depend on the person how developed science and technology in the country and in the world, the world now or war, which government is in power. In addition, each person has from birth his own “set” of abilities, mental and physical characteristics that seriously affect his life. To some extent, human life determines the state

of the environment, the location of the planets in the universe.

However, there is a sense in the opposite position: everyone knows cases when people whose lives began in equally difficult conditions, managed to build it in completely different ways. Even twin children, with all the similarity of their upbringing, living conditions and background, tend to build their lives in different ways.

Human life, of course, depends on many external and internal factors, but man is therefore also a person that can choose his life path. He is able to analyze external circumstances, take into account their influence, treat it positively or negatively, and therefore – make choices, showing freedom of their own will. But to use it, you need to realize your own values, in which we believe, the boundaries of this freedom, those circumstances that need to be reckoned with. Thus, free will is freedom of choice.

Human beings are characterized by freedom of action and freedom of creativity.

Freedom of the will – the ability to independently determine their goals, intentions, mode of action, guided by moral attitudes and values.

Freedom of action is an opportunity to act without prohibitions in any sphere.

Freedom of creativity is the human right to embody dreams and plans, creating something new, original, something that was not there before.

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What is meant by freedom of will, action and creativity