Wonderful walk

In the summer, together with my sister, I often walked in our park. These were very interesting walks. The park is very close to our house, so our mother lets us go for walks without fear. Moreover, our Dolly shepherd dog walks with us. Try, come to us, what a bully!

I remember one of the walks especially clearly, because that day there was a lot of interesting things.

Firstly, immediately, as soon as we entered the park, we found mushrooms! And these were edible chanterelles. And this is in the city!

A whole family of red-haired beauties was scattered around the stump in the middle of a small clearing. All the chanterelles one to one – probably all grew up quite recently. We did not take baskets with us, so we collected the mushrooms in a small bag that I had.

Secondly, that day I saw for the first time such a wonderful bird as a woodpecker. This forest handsome man in a red cap I noticed when I heard a strange tapping right above my head. My sister and I watched for a few minutes as the woodpecker picked something out of the oak bark, and then Dale spooked the bird.

In general, a lot of interesting things happened to us in the park. I will not soon forget this wonderful walk!

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Wonderful walk