Compositions on the theme of spring

Many believe that spring is the most amazing time of the year. It comes so swiftly that changes in nature occur literally in front of our eyes. Each spring day draws nearer the warmest and favorite season – summer. The advent of spring creates a sense of the arrival of something new, surprising and joyful, that’s why all people are so glad to spring. Spring is coming, and the world around becomes bright and radiant. The days are noticeably longer.

The number of cloudy days decreases. Almost every spring day is bright and sunny. The snow melts, becoming dark and dirty, settles, streams flow everywhere. With each passing day, the melting of snow intensifies and the streams become larger. Over the field, where there is still snow, a warm spring day is thick fog. This snow melts and evaporates, rising up. In spring you can observe a unique natural phenomenon – ice drift. Ice on rivers gradually thaws and loosens, then swells. Finally, it splits with a deafening sound and crumbles into separate ice floes, which are picked up by...

the current.

A lot of large and small ice floes float along the river, colliding and breaking, forming congestions, carrying behind them branches and logs. The snow melts, draining into the river, the water in the river becomes more and more. She can not stay in her shores anymore. The river comes out of their shores and overflows, flooding all the surrounding fields and meadows. Water during the spill covers a huge area. This is a truly amazing and majestic sight. Every year, a large number of wild and domestic animals die from the spill of rivers, villages and villages suffer.

However, in this phenomenon there is also a benefit for nature. Water washes the silt from the bottom of the river, throwing it into the surrounding fields. The earth after the spill becomes more fertile. When the water will subside, plants grow on the renewed earth, crops grow green. In spring everything around quickly turns green. The first grass breaks out of the ground as soon as the snow melts. It grows rapidly, catching every warm ray of the sun.

Compositions on the theme of spring