Composition of a birthday greeting

Composition of a birthday greeting

Hello! Congratulations! Today is your birthday, which means that I have a great holiday. Why, you ask, but I’ll answer: how else? Can someone imagine you without me?
You know, I’ve been preparing for your birthday for a long time. I thought: how can I congratulate you in an original, unusual and memorable way? A sea of ​​flowers? An exclusive big board? Inscription on the asphalt under the windows? No, it’s not that…
And I thought – why all this? After all, true joy brings only genuine manifestations of feelings. So I just congratulate you on your birthday. And that’s all!
Oh, No. Not all. Usually on birthdays it is customary to congratulate with poems – both your own composition, and taken from reliable sources. But I want this prose to be the only prose in your life.

On the day of birth, it is customary to wish for what all people on the planet are dreaming of. Everyone wants to be healthy – and I whole-heartedly wish you good health for many years. Everyone wants to be loved, and I wish you this from the bottom of my heart. I want to always see you happy, warmed by mutual love, with a happy gleam in my eyes. Of course, in order for happiness to be complete, it is necessary to do what you love, to feel necessary and successful. I wish you that your work always brings you not only worthy incomes, but also pleasure. There is nothing more pleasant than seeing successful happy people. So forgive me

for selfishness, and make me happy – be happy, beloved, successful, healthy, cheerful, young soul and body. I want to see you like this always, on holidays and on weekdays! Happy Birthday!

I wholeheartedly congratulate you on your birthday! I sincerely wish that life will fully bless you with its gifts: both material and immaterial. Let them never worry about health and the addresses of pharmacies and hospitals will be forgotten. Work let bring not only money, but also pleasure: first let it be in your wallet in abundance, and let the second take you from everywhere: pleasure let them bear relatives and friends, the weather behind the window and many pleasant trifles. I wish you to live in a constant sense of harmony with yourself and with the world and refute the statement that happiness is an instant. Let this happy moment for you be a lifetime, and life will be long, long, to the most round and solid dates!

Happy Birthday! I wish you that your life was full, with pleasant cares, brilliant ideas and brilliant victories! Let the source of kindness never fail in your soul! Go through life boldly and straight! Let in difficult moments close your relatives and friends will be, let always there are those with whom you want to share joy! Health to you and long years of life, joy and laughter, respect for others and love of relatives! Let everything turn out as it was conceived in my youth! Congratulations! Be happy!

Let this wonderful birthday bring fulfillment of the cherished desires, and all the goals set, will noticeably approach and will be defeated by the accurate hit of a professional. The golden steps of a career should not be steep and tough, but on the contrary, submit to a fast and bold ascension to the very top! Let the wonderful splendor of the bright colors of life always fill with freshness the daily palette, and the fleeting clouds let boldly disperse the lightning rods of your relatives and friends. Do not forget in pursuit of the joy of success and prosperity, of your friends, for the most valuable things a person has are lasting values ​​that can not be bought: sincerity, love, compassion and support. Be happy, love and cheerful – happy birthday!

Native mummy, listen: flowers today blossom on the flower beds of all the capitals of the planet; in the morning all the birds of the world sing and all the singers in the morning are ready to sing all the songs so that you can hear it. Mother, today, on your birthday, we bring you our smiles, kisses and hugs, and we ask forgiveness for all your sorrows, Mom. After all, we are their cause, but we will not let you be disappointed any more, believe us. From now on there will be only joy, from now on there will be only the sun, from now on there will be only birds, and only birds of the Lord singing you will listen daily. Let your every day be better than the day of the previous hundredfold. Let the word that you hear, bring you only joy. May the forces of the sky shield you from the views of the unpleasant, and let the autumn leaf of your sad hair touch late.

If the cadres decide everything, then the head of the personnel department is a unique person because he decides everything at once! Among us, there are those still “cadres” that need to be addressed more rigorously. But (a name a patronymic) the person indulgent, therefore much forgives us. On this festive day, I would like from the bottom of my heart to wish our dear birthday girl that behind the scenes there are all hardships, sorrows and failures. We wish you success, success and success! Our team will repeat this wish very often, so that, similarly to the effect of the 25th frame, it will come true! We give you an installation for success! Happy Birthday!

My dear, I happily congratulate you on your birthday. I wish health and longevity to your parents. Only such wonderful people could have such a wonderful child.
I wish that life was favorable to you, and the people who meet on your path of life were kind and sincere. Let your professional career smoothly and swiftly go up, delivering you moral and material satisfaction.
I also want to wish you happiness. Let your eyes be clear, and your smile be bright. I wish you all-consuming love, from which you want to sing and fly. Love is a lifelong love. Happy Birthday!

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Composition of a birthday greeting