The value of time

About the transience of time, seldom think about not only carefree kids, but also enough adults. Sometimes a person “burns” his life, completely not caring about how much he is useful to the surrounding society. A small work on the topic “Time” on the example of everyday communication of a wise grandmother with a growing granddaughter sets the reader to the correct assessment of the past, present and future time.

“Life has flown by like one day.” – said my eighty-year-old grandmother, with a sadly shaking snow-white, gray head. I was surprised and did not believe her words, because my days seemed to last endlessly, counting out school study quarters from vacation to vacation.

My grandmother taught me to appreciate time. She never left me alone, from childhood dragging me on any extra lessons and circles. When, after training in fencing, I came home and without energy fell on a soft sofa, my grandmother immediately slipped me a plate

of pies and a book – the source of knowledge. on her, fair, opinion.

“Idleness leads to laziness, but laziness is a mortal sin.” she said severely, pulling me out of the warm bed Sunday morning. We went to the market, and all the way I listened with pleasure to my grandmother’s life stories about brave war heroes, prisoners of concentration camps and hard, post-war years. My grandmother’s life was overflowing with events, but she still said that she had not managed to accomplish much of her plans due to lack of time. Therefore, in me, she saw the embodiment of her unfulfilled dreams and hopes.

Over the years, I became very punctual and organized, than I deserved the respect of teachers and authority among school friends. I really was sorry to waste time. My heart counted the rhythm of life in the constant anticipation of new achievements. My class actively participated in school and extracurricular life, mostly on my own initiative, and classmates jokingly called me “the eternal engine.”

Today I confidently look to the future and continue to carefully and rationally distribute my time, thanks to the old advice of my wise grandmother.

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The value of time