Biography of Jason Williams

Jason Williams – basketball player, was born on February 22, 1968 in Ritter, South Carolina. Best known as an NBA player who shot his limousine driver.

For his biography, Jason Williams played 9 seasons in the NBA, but is best known as a guy from New Jersey who shot his chauffeur. Strong center height of 208 cm, Williams spent two seasons with “Philadelphia” before leaving in “Nets” in 1992. He earned his fame through effective transfers.

During the 1997-98 season, Williams was selected to play the “All-Star” game. After holding the 7th anniversary and contract for $ 86 million, Williams broke his leg and injured his knee in an accident in 1999, which cut short his career. He retired from the sport, becoming an analyst for the NBA television. In 2000, Jason published the autobiography “Loose Balls”.

On February 14, 2002, he allegedly shot and killed Kostas Christofi at a night party at his home in Milford, New Jersey. Williams told the authorities that Christophe himself shot himself, but eventually the police arrested Jason. He was accused of reckless use of weapons, representing the case in such a way, as if Christophy had killed himself.

In March 2003, Williams said in court that he was innocent. His probationary period began in February 2004, but on April 30 he was acquitted of the most serious murder charge. The other four charges were confirmed.

Additional data: Regarding professional basketball, in the sports career of Jason Williams, the average points per game was 7.3, and the average number of transfers was 7.5.

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Biography of Jason Williams