Cleaning my sister

In our family there are two children: me and my sister. She is two years older than me. We are very close, despite the fact that we have different character and interests.

Since early childhood we spend a lot of time together. Rarely, I can recall interesting cases from life in which my sister did not take part with me.

It is believed that the younger child in the family love more. I do not think that this is about our family – with my sister we get equal attention from parents, but still I always got less for pranks and misdemeanors. It would seem that my sister should take offense at me for this, but on the contrary, often she even takes my blame on herself. For this I love her very much.

Our relationship with my sister is not just a kinship. I think I will not lie if I say that we are friends. At any moment we can rely on each other, share secrets. Sister – this is the person to whom I would even say what I would not tell my parents.

A sister is older than me and always helps me with my studies. She is an example for me, as she is very diligent and careful. But her advantage at the age of me sometimes hurts, at those moments, I want to be the eldest child to be her protector and support in difficult moments.

I’m very afraid of the moment when my sister finishes school, goes to university and starts an adult life, because then we will not be able to communicate as much as now.

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Cleaning my sister