An essay on economics

Never before have I had to deal with this issue and in order to answer it myself first I think it is necessary to understand what the word economy means and where it came from.

The word economy came from the Greek. ╬┐ikos – house and nomos – the law. literally – the rules of farming.

Each person has his own needs: mostly spiritual, material and social. Now a person tries to satisfy these needs no matter what kind of activity he is engaged in or in what part of the world he lives. The man has already got used to live in comfort and coziness in that in what he needed those blessings which he provides for himself. It turns out that every person is engaged in the “management of his economy” and each in his own way… Starting with primitive tools of labor finishing factories, various techniques, etc., people began to achieve their self-realization, their own good for themselves. Cooperation with...

each other has led a person to economic activity like trade, business, money, etc. So what we do in everyday life is an integral part of the economy with which we are closely connected.

In my profession, the economy plays an important role. because it is very closely related to trade. For example: in order for me to do some work, I need paint. But for this it is necessary that somebody paint them and build a building where there will be a store in which they will be sold. And the more different colors and different stores become, the more choices I have, where I can buy them so that I can save money. In this way I will be able to satisfy my needs and bring myself the benefit of the money that I saved. Getting used to such forms of economic relations between people in everyday life you do not think that you are part of the process.

An essay on economics