What should be the man’s composition

Any person, whatever he was and whatever character he possessed, will always make certain demands on the surrounding world and society. It is quite normal that all of us can have some dissatisfaction with the general image of the person today, so many of us probably would like to fix this image, change it a little. I’m not an exception. Looking at a modern person, I can not say that he is not ideal or at least close to the ideal in the sense that I have. Therefore, I have claims to the modern man, which I can, boldly express. After all, in order to understand what a person should be, you need to know what it is now. The modern man has very severely torn himself away from what is indicated in the Scriptures. He ceased to reckon with God’s commandments,

The modern legal system, moral standards and life guides make a person be correct only for the species, but not in fact. On which of the famous and successful people you look, they all behave correctly only in public,

but in personal life or with personal communication they completely change, they become completely different, evil, envious, greedy. All this is due to the fact that the public opinion is dominated by the opinion that only well-being and nothing else makes a person happy. Of course, well-being, financial independence is very important and in general correct, but is this the main thing in human life? Or maybe something more important? I think that a modern person should turn to holy books and get information about how to live, from there, and not from TV or any other fake sources.

It is also very important that a person does not pretend to be good, but really he was. Very often you can see how people think that you need not to be, but to seem. This is a peculiar form of deceit, lies, it is necessary to abstain from it. Not necessarily a person should be religious, but he must necessarily follow the rules specified in the holy books. They were written by great, wise people who knew exactly how to live and what a real righteous life is. In addition, such a person should lie as little as possible. Lying is a terrible weapon that turns the whole world upside down. It is necessary to abstain from it in order to make the world a little better.

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What should be the man’s composition