“What kind of person am I”

Perception of the growing child of the surrounding world and its place in it reveals the work presented to your attention on the theme “I am a man”. A small citizen is trying to understand why he came to this wonderful world and what qualities, really useful, he must possess in order to be useful not only to his family, but also to society. You ask yourself the question: “What kind of person am I?” The composition offers your attention thoughts on this topic.

Probably, each of us ever thinks: “And what kind of person am I?”. And to answer this seemingly simple question is very difficult.

I am human. So I was created by nature – with arms, legs and head. I grow with other children. I go to kindergarten, then to school. Reflections on life do not occupy me. My imagination is occupied by the heroes of my favorite books and movies. They are all positive – bold, proud, courageous and invincible. I want to be like them.


grab a toy sword, put on an old, father’s cloak, carnival glasses and become fearless Zorro. Or I take a full bath of water, put it into a toy sailer, and now I’m fifteen-year-old Captain Dick Send. I can take a bow and arrows, and become Robin Hood, to protect children from hooligans in the sandbox. And yet I am a warrior and perform a heroic feat (for example, I save from under the wheels of a small bicyclist playing a kitten).

Courage, courage, human kindness, devotion to friendship, loyalty to the Motherland – all these epithets characterize the heroes of my favorite books. And what a man I am. I myself, simple, home child? Thinking about this issue, I go to my mother. In response, I hear: “Kind, sweet, wonderful, most beloved and dear.” Good. I go to school friends. They answer: “A faithful friend, honest, open, cheerful, interesting.” Also good. I’m going to my beloved teacher. She laughs and taps me on the vertex: “You are a zealous student, an interesting conversationalist, a worthy little citizen of your country.”

I happily run through the

streets of my native city and smile to passers-by. They smile back, and I feel most happy.

Now I know what kind of person I am and I want to stay that way forever.

Very good composition, straight from him warmth. Unfortunately, we forgot so much about simple kindness that I thought the title was sarcastic. We do not often hear good things about ourselves when we are older. We must not forget the kindness that we saw in childhood, and just such works help in this.

I really liked the saying “I’m a man”, but how different we all are. Simply amazing! Thank you!

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“What kind of person am I”