Writing about the teacher

They are never forgotten, but in the first years of acquaintance they usually dislike. They are afraid, but when it’s time to part with them, they cry and understand that only they were able to make a man out of the last school slap.

Who are we talking about? Of course, about teachers. About people who, in fact, do not have a profession, because the specialty indicated in their diploma does not even mean a job, but. destiny.

Every morning they go to the same classes with the same path, trodden along the school wall. Their daily tasks are lessons, control, checking exercise books, raising hooligans at changes, but in fact all this is secondary, because the main role of the teacher is much larger than the banal school everyday life. And, of course, in this role, each of them is very difficult.

The first and main difficulty of the teacher – he simply can not be someone else. There were times when the teacher changed his profession, but still it did not lead

to anything: he could not without the school, or she could not without it. And even if the new work was just perfect, it was still inferior to the teacher’s, because often the school for them is more than life.

Another serious problem for teachers is misunderstanding, but it, alas, happens more often. Affectionate and kind first teacher, a cheerful class teacher or just the strictest and ever-angry chemistry teacher – they all really are amazingly similar. They are united by two qualities: love of their work and sadness, if this work is not appreciated. In each class, an average of 30 pairs of eyes are waiting for them every day, but only a few of them look really attentively and with interest, while others look blankly at the window in anticipation of a change, study the first signs of the appearance of spring outside the windows and express frank boredom.

The roles of these two categories of students will change over time, and it is the latter – those same slobbers and thieves, hooligans and lazy people, who graduated from school, will come to the teacher more often and regularly than

even the most serious students, having carried their love to their native school walls through life. However, all this will happen later, and today, in this particular lesson, the pupils of any teacher simply do not hear what they are taught. And they are taught at school not by biology and mathematics, physics or literature – although this, of course, too. First of all, life, understanding, patience and respect are taught. Attention and sincerity. Kindness and loyalty.

Each teacher carries these qualities, and only when this teacher is real, and such a majority, these traits also pass to his students. Before the teacher in this regard – a dilemma: on the one hand you need to teach, on the other – do not hurt. The difficulty is also that teachers often have to be stricter than they really are. Simply because sometimes it’s only possible to teach a lesson that someone will remember for a lifetime.

However, if we are talking about real teachers, we can not help saying about real students, and we are all just such, because each of us was taught by the best teacher of his kind. The one to which we went to complain about strict parents or unjust classmates. Which otpaival us hot tea, when we argued with my mother, and promised to fix everything. Which drove the whole class on a campaign only to the neighboring river, but today we appreciate every moment of this trek with greater trepidation than the minutes spent on some exotic seas.

A teacher is not only a vocation, it is also a special soul. This is a person who is able not only to “give a start in life,” as it is fashionable to say until now, but also one who is able to make this very life a little better, a little kinder and slightly lighter. We all heard the expression “teacher from God,” but only after school do we seem to begin to understand that it was we who were lucky, because all our teachers were like that. Everyone – from a refined English teacher to a conservative and picky historian.

Everyone – to whom today you just want to come to even touch your happy school years for a minute and remember how unique was the time when we were just taught to take the first steps to our present life. But even if we do not go to them, it does not mean that we do not remember them. Because for each of us, the teaching staff is not really at school, where we forgot the road, but in our own heart.

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Writing about the teacher