Summary “In people” Gorky

Serves as a “boy” at a store of “fashionable shoes.” The master seems blind. Makes faces, but the owner notices it. My hands are scratching. The owner said that “rags – it’s worse than begging, worse than stealing.” It is understood that he also stole. The store also sold a brother, Sasha Yakovlev, a clerk. “When the customer entered, the owner took his hand out of his pocket, touched his mustache and stuck his sweet smile on his face.” The clerk was stretching out, putting his elbows close to his sides, and his hands were hanging respectfully in the air, Sasha blinked fearfully, trying to hide his bulging eyes, and I stood at the door, scratching his hands unnoticed, and watching the sale ceremony. ” The clerk clung to the customers. Alyosha found it funny to look at his tricks. In the morning he was awakened an hour earlier than Sasha. He cleaned the shoes, the dress of the owners, the clerk, Sasha, put the samovar,

wore firewood. The store swept the floor, distributed goods to customers, went home for dinner. At that time Sasha stood on the door, it humiliated him. “I, of course, knew that people generally speak ill of each other by the eyes, but they spoke of all especially outrageously, as if they were somebody called for the best people and appointed to judge the world.” Many envious, they are not praised and knew about every person something bad. ” The case with the actress. After that, he poured the master into the vinegar hours. The clock was sweating. “Is not that thin?” as if they were somebody called for the best people and appointed to judge the world. To many envious people, they did not praise anybody and knew something bad about every man. “The case with the actress, after which he poured the master into the vinegar hours.” The clock sweated. “Is not that thin?” as if they were somebody called for the best people and appointed to judge the world. To many envious people, they did not praise anyone and knew something bad about every man. “The case with the actress.
After that he poured the master into the vinegar hours.” The clock sweated. “Is not that thin?”

One day a church watchman approached him and asked him to steal galoshes for him. You can not steal. But he was different from the people around him. Agreed. The watchman said that he would take them and tell the owner. “How can you, for no reason at all-on, take it. Is it possible for a person to believe?” Sasha stole with the clerk.

Cook. Sasha did not like her. He suggested that Alyosha should smear her face with a vaccine. It is difficult to understand whether she is good or evil. Sometimes I came to him at night. She was afraid, she asked me to tell her something. The cook died on their eyes: she bent down to pick up the samovar, then collapsed, and blood flowed from her mouth. It was terrible to sleep.

Sasha locked something in the trunk. Trusted. It turned out that it was: a spectacle frame, multicolored buttons, copper pins, horseshoes, buckles, a copper door handle, a broken knuckle of a cane, a head comb, a “Dream and oracle,” etc., expected to see toys. Alyosha never saw them.

Sasha promised Alyosha something amazing. It was a small cave. It’s like a chapel. Strangled the sparrow, this is the deceased. And he did the coffin. Alyosha did not like it. The boys fought. Sasha promised to enchant. Decided to flee the city.

Sasha smeared it with soot. Ozhegsya and got to the hospital. Acquainted with the soldier. Grandmother came. The houses are even worse. Grandfather’s 100 rubles were stolen. Part II

My grandfather went bankrupt. The godson deceived. Grandmother tried to save her sins and carried quiet charity. His brother did not recognize him. Vyakhir strangled the windmill, Yazya’s legs were cut off, Khabi went into the city. On their street new ones settled: boy Nyushka, two sisters. In the elder Kostroma and Churka fell in love. Lame, but beautiful. We soon met. She dropped her crutch, and Alyosha tried to give a crutch with his bandaged hands. Did not like. How could comrades fall in love with her?

Soon he was eager to see the girl more often. “She was as clean as a bird, like a bird, and she talked beautifully about how the Cossacks live on the Don.” Kostroma and Churka in every possible way tried to outdo each other, they even fought. All because of Lyudmila (girls). Said about this girl. She was offended by this. She is not slutty. And her friends touched and plucked it.

She felt sorry for her. I bought her candy. We read “Kamchadalka” together. I did not like this book. And she still had a few parts. He came to the girl, helped her cook, clean. “We live with you, like a husband and wife, only we sleep separately.” We even live better-husbands do not help wives. “

Grandmother encouraged their friendship, only not to spoil. Lyudmila’s father went around clinging to women. A terrible story about the hunter Kalinin, as if from a coffin rises. The son of the shopkeeper Valek. He proposed to spend the night on a grave of a hunter for a twenty-hryvnia and cigarettes. Churka volunteered, but then got scared. Then Alyosha, it was a shame to listen to his mockery. Grandmother supported. Fearfully. Busts of brick fell nearby – Valek intimidated. But the closeness of people has become better. I thought about my mother, she rarely punished fairly and according to her merits. My grandmother woke up. Said that you can admit that it’s scary. “You have to experience everything yourself, you will not learn it yourself – no one will teach.” So Kalinin does not get up. Lyudmila looked with affectionate surprise, Grandfather was pleased, and Churka: “He is easy, his grandmother is a witch!” Part III

Brother Kolya died. Yazev’s father dug a grave cheap. Dug up the grave of the mother. “Looking into the yellow pit, where the heavy smell came from, I saw her black, wet boards in the side.” I purposely moved so that the sand hid these boards. ” It was very bad.

The grandfather gathered in the woods for firewood, took Alyosha and her grandmother with herbs. I ran away from my grandfather. With the grandmother is good. Fell into the pit, ripped off his side. Grandmother bandaged her wounds, applied herbs. It is good that the owner was not. Often my grandmother then went to the forest. Grandma was selling what she had collected. The forest caused a sense of peace for the boy. Once a wolf approached her. Grandma drove him away. The boy thought it was a dog, he wanted to call. Once a hunter got into it. Alyosha patiently treated the pain.

Once my grandfather said that Alyosha should go to the city. He attached it to Matrena, he will be a draftsman.

I said goodbye to Lyudmila. She said that she would soon be taken to the city too, the father wants her leg cut off completely. She was afraid.

It was autumn. Alyosha wanted to take his grandmother, Lyudmila and go with them around the world. Part IV

I knew my host. They came to visit. “The older one, hooked with long hair, is pleasant and, it seems, kind, the younger, Victor, remained with the same horse face and in the same freckles.” Their mother, my grandmother’s sister, is very angry and loud. The owner’s wife kept reminding her that she gave his mother a talmu. It soon got bored. Said: “I gave it, so do not brag.” “I also did not like that these people are relatives of my grandmother, and according to my observations, relatives treat each other worse than strangers: they know worse about each other than bad people and they are more gossipy, more often quarreling and fighting.” My mother-in-law and daughter-in-law swore every day. They drank and ate a lot. I slept in the kitchen so that my head was hot and my feet cold. “It was clear to me that the owners also consider themselves to be the best in the city, they know the most exact rules and, relying on these rules, unclear to me, judge all people mercilessly and mercilessly. This court caused me fierce anguish and vexation against the laws of the owners, violating the laws – it was a source of pleasure for me. “There are a lot of jobs: the closest authorities are grandmother, she prayed violently, she has one god with her grandfather. , and so they scolded.

The young mistress kept on harassing the thalm. “What is it for me to remove the skin for myself from you for this talmu?” the women cried out. The owner promised to send him to his grandfather, you’ll be again a rag. It’s a shame, he said that they took him as a student and they do not teach. Began to teach. On a sheet of paper the facade of a two-story house with many windows and stucco molding. It turned out badly. He painted people, birds, vertical stripes (“the rain comes”), the second copy came out better. But I decided to draw people in the windows, a cabman. So much more fun. Yet I drew it as it should. He suggested drawing a plan for the apartment. The old woman did not like it: “To work as a stranger, and a brother of one, his own blood – away?” I had to leave it for now. The old woman prevented her from studying drafting. Madly loved her younger son. He sent her to the devil. She did not always take offense. I thought that it would be great, if his grandfather had married her, she would have gnawed him. There was rudeness and debauchery all around. The old woman knew about everything and told everyone it was dirty. Even the owner was embarrassed. They said it all wrong, distorted the words, which irritated Alyosha. Life was bad, but it was very bad when my grandmother came. She had no money, she hoped that Alyosha’s work would be paid. My sister was rude to her. My grandmother liked the master. She asked the boy to wait two years until he got stronger.

We were not allowed to walk, but had to go to church on Saturdays and on holidays. He liked to be in the churches. But sometimes I skipped. I liked to walk the streets. He liked to look in the windowpanes and think who lives what. He sometimes lingered. The owners interrogated where he was. They all knew. It was easy to catch on lies. If you gave money, then you missed them. Once I lost a dime, I had to sneak a prosphore. Afraid of confession. Especially because he broke his gate with stones. I admit that I prosecuted prosphort, I did not listen to the elders. Forbidden books did not read, and the rest did not interest. It was not only not scary, but also not interesting. I was just curious about forbidden books. I could not take communion. I lost it. He was afraid that they would ask, but he managed. A miracle-working icon was brought to Easter. He loved the Mother of God. And instead of hand kissed on the lips. Afraid of punishment. He decorated the rafters. Everyone liked this. The owner gave a nickle. Strengthened and hung in a prominent place as a medal for the work. A day later disappeared. Probably, the old woman stole. Part V

I ran away in the spring. My grandmother did not go ashamed. They advised us to get a job as a cook. I had to follow my grandmother (there was no passport). He did not like the cook, but he fed him well. Behind a boat in tow is a barge with prisoners. I was very interested. I remembered how in my childhood I sailed to Nizhny.

On the boat Smuriy, his assistant Yakov Ivanovich, kitchen cook Maxim, waiter Sergey. Yakov spoke only about women and is always dirty. Smury forced Alyosha to read him aloud. The books are bad. Quarreled often, but Smurogo did not touch. Very strong. Their reader tastes did not converge at all. I liked the cook “Taras Bulba”. Even cried. Sometimes he would take it from his job to read it to him. Maxim had to work for him. He was angry and beat the dishes.

On the ship sat 2 drunk. At night Sergey came and dragged him to marry. He was drunk. Maxim, too, ran upstairs, dragged the two of us together. But Smoury stood there. Near Jacob, from whose hands the girl was beaten out. Alyosha was released. “You will disappear in the pig herd, I’m sorry for you, kitten.

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Summary “In people” Gorky