The work “Phone in our life”

In the modern age of the development of information technologies, some aspects of improving people’s lives, in particular mobile phones, have become so popular and so many people have started to appear, this immediately raises some questions. In the end, still some ten-fifteen years ago, mobile phones were not so common, but, nevertheless, people lived no worse, and maybe even better than today. Through all this, one can wonder whether the mobile phone is a luxury or a necessity.

First you need to name all the advantages that the mobile phone gives. They are not so many, but they are very significant. Firstly, thanks to a mobile phone with a person you can contact at any time. People are themselves mobile beings, we very often go somewhere, move around, we are out of the house. During this process, someone may need to contact us, because life is often unpredictable and presents unpleasant surprises. If there was no mobile phone, such a connection would be impossible. But

thanks to him with any person you can talk at any time. The mobile phone-related advantage is also the text message service. Far from always a person has the opportunity and desire to explain themselves in a voice, it is much easier and more convenient to write SMS. In addition, modern mobile phones have become multifunctional, with their help you can play, go online and even read books. All these innovations in a person’s life are connected with his use of a mobile phone, they are all good.

Disadvantages of a mobile phone also exist, but they are still not so significant. Firstly, it can not be said that the mobile signal and its impact on human life and health are already well understood. It can be assumed that it negatively affects human health. Secondly, the constant use of a mobile phone slightly overloads a person with information. With a mobile phone that you constantly call or write, it’s much harder to feel alone, and people sometimes really want it. In the end, sometimes communicating on a mobile phone distracts from more important things.

Summarizing, you can accurately deny that a mobile

phone is a luxury – today the prices for these devices are not so high, it is unlikely that there are many people who do not use mobile phones, because they can not afford them. The answer to the question of whether it is a necessity is still ambiguous, because before, people without it were doing well. But at the same time, all the same it seems that with mobile phones people began to live much more conveniently and easier. In extreme cases, if it bothers you, you can simply turn it off.

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The work “Phone in our life”