Composition of St. Nicholas

Every year Ukrainians celebrate two holidays of Nicholas. The first – on May 22, and the second on December 19. The feast of Nicholas, especially the “winter”, is celebrated solemnly, inviting guests. St. Nicholas people love, because he is a defender of all the poor and destitute. The people about St. Nicholas made many legends and legends. They describe how it protects people from a natural disaster, and especially on the water. All fishermen had the image of St. Nicholas in their huts and took it with them, going out to sea for fishing.

Because St. Nicholas – the second after God, the defender of people from all problems and misfortunes. It is known that throughout his life he carried good and merciful people. Most of all, his children love and respect him.

For them, he is an honor guard and always comes to them with gifts. The legend tells that in his childhood (and Nicholas grew up in a well-to-do family) the boy clapped to the poor, disadvantaged,

offended, hungry and crippled. He sincerely prayed from childhood and asked the Lord for justice, peace, good, forgiveness and mercy.

He was quiet and ungracious. He came to the aid of poor and destitute people in difficult moments of life unexpectedly and always so that no one saw him. He did good, not expecting gratitude and glory. And so he was called “the father of orphans, widows and the poor” even during his lifetime. After the death of his parents, he sold the estate and gave the money to the poor, and he himself became a priest. He healed the sick, the blind and the crippled with his prayers. He also calmed the sea, the storm, extinguished fires, guarded against adversity, was the patron of travelers on the road, as well as all animals – wild and domestic. St. Nicholas wholeheartedly loved children and wanted to give everyone a drop of his love.

On the feast, Saint Nicholas gives children gifts, and they sing carols:

Oh who. Who loves Nicholas,

Oh who, who serves Nicholas,

Therefore, Saint Nicholas

At any time, help,

Oh look, look at Ukraine native,

Oh look, look at the exhausted, poor.

We, you, all people, pray:

Ask God for your destiny,

Oh, ask fate for the Country,

Oh, let him rise from the ruins.

Fate and happiness let him soar,

In glory and in will let it shine,

This holiday is celebrated cheerfully and sincerely thanks to Saint Nicholas for the help and support in life.

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Composition of St. Nicholas