Composition on the theme “Writer”

Great literary classics, as well as our talented contemporaries, whose unique creations admire today and will certainly be in demand by tomorrow’s reader, are a link between past and future generations. A cognitive essay on the writer summarizes the work of different epochs, urging current schoolchildren to become more actively involved in the world cultural heritage.

A man is born and, beholding the world around him. absorbs new feelings and emotions. He grows, develops, enjoys the priceless gifts of nature and, finally, feels the need to tell all this to people.

The writer sits down at the table and takes a pen in his hand. On a blank sheet of paper, he already sees the plots of his future creations. But it only seems that everything is corny and simple. How much of this snow-white paper will be stripped, crumpled and torn, until something genius and immortal is born.

It is not so easy to put on your chaotic thoughts in words accessible to the simple reader.

Express the confusion and pain of your soul with understandable phrases. Deliver your personal experiences to millions of hearts, so that they all at once merge in unison.

The writer is a link between the past and the future, the myth and reality, the unknown and the ordinary. He, like an experienced guide, leads our imagination into the depths of our consciousness, gently correcting the controversy of the moments with his own vision of the situation.

Interesting and beloved books do not necessarily have to be deeply classical. In modern literature, too, there is something to read and admire. Each era gives birth to its geniuses. From a huge number of writers it is their names that remain imperishable memory in the centuries, and today’s talents adequately fill the ranks of the great creators of the word.

The writer’s work from God is not always appreciated, and can not always be understood by his generation. Sometimes centuries pass before mankind grasps the fertile grain of wisdom that has gone to the stars, the author of the immortal creation and will understand its inexorable truth of life and the meaning of our, earthly existence.

It’s great when people read a lot and know their native language. they are able to correctly express their thoughts and formulate competent speech. But please, at least occasionally find time to read the heartfelt lines of any great writer who will remind you that Man is created to think.

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Composition on the theme “Writer”