Painting by K. Ye. Makovsky “Children Running from a Thunderstorm”

The canvas “Children Running from a Thunderstorm” is known to many from an early age. It is often published in children’s textbooks, magazines and textbooks. Its author is KE Makovsky, the son of one of the founders of the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. The artist for a while was a Wanderer, but then moved away from the domestic genre and gained wide popularity, as he created salon portraits of people from the upper strata of society. He also became famous for his historical canvases, mainly on the themes of boyar life of old Russia.

The picture “Children running from a thunderstorm” of a large size, and its plot is insignificant. A threatening gloomy sky, bending under the gusts of the wind of grass. Among this angry nature, a peasant girl of about ten runs with a little sister on her back. Both pretty, pink-cheeked, about such people say “blood with milk.” On girls, peasant clothes, feet barefoot. On the faces there is no fear: evidently not so they are afraid of the approaching thunderstorm.

Looking at this painting, we do not empathize, but just admire. The fair-haired children’s heads, the charming angelic face of the eldest girl, the mushrooms in the basket, the carefully written blades of grass – everything pleases the eye.

The picture was obviously intended in advance for large apartments of aristocrats, who willingly bought the works of Makovsky. She was in a meeting of the Naryshkin family. Now the canvas is in the Tretyakov Gallery.

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Painting by K. Ye. Makovsky “Children Running from a Thunderstorm”