Composition “Summer at sea”

This summer, we again will go to the Black Sea with the whole family, as every year we try to follow this tradition. I’m looking forward to this magical time and try to prepare thoroughly for the next trip.

This year we will again go to Sochi, as we all really like this resort town. It has a very developed infrastructure for tourists and tourists. But first, there is a long road ahead, which I really love, since we will get to the place by train. This is my favorite mode of transport, since during the trip there is the opportunity to think and dream. Sochi always welcomes its guests very hospitably.

I really love excursions to the mountains, because the mountains are very beautiful nature and fresh air. I hope that I will make several sea walks on a boat and ride on jeeps on mountain roads, since this entertainment is very exciting. There will be an opportunity to go to the water park and admire the sports facilities that were built to the world’s sports competitions and cause admiration for holidaymakers.

There are a lot of different entertainments in the city that are suitable for people of any age. Beaches that stretched along the city are very clean and equipped with them have the opportunity to play beach volleyball and rent various sports equipment. I hope that my holidays will be very fun and useful for my health. Rest on the sea has many advantages: fresh sea air, sea water and just a cool environment and energy of nature.

Every year, we are waiting for new and unforgettable feelings from the rest, as the school year is very tired and we just need to restore our strength, and the sea is an excellent way to restore our health. In general, a better place than the sea can not find….

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Composition “Summer at sea”