Writing an interview

Composition in the form of an interview with a representative of the profession teacher. – Hello! Please answer a few questions that interest us! – Hello! I’m happy to answer your questions! – Tell me please, why did you choose this profession? After all, many say that it is very difficult…

– I chose this profession for myself, because I really love children, I love to communicate with them, to teach them. This profession is not difficult for me, but, of course, I sometimes have difficulties, but I try to overcome them. For example, I quickly find a common language with children, and we leave quarrels and conflicts.

– And in your profession what are the qualities of a person? Perhaps kindness… – Yes, of course, kindness, patience, discretion. I would add sociability, openness, sincerity, ingenuity, resourcefulness. I show tolerance for different opinions of children, I believe that every opinion has a right to exist.

In general, I prefer informal, friendly relations with students, warm, human communication. I try not to be angry, to restrain myself, if someone shows any pranks. I consider my main task to pay attention to the personality of the student, to ensure his individual development, education, upbringing. – Tell me please, but how should a teacher dress? Or maybe it does not matter at all?

– What do you mean? Of course, appearance matters in my professional work. Appearance is a reflection of what our inner world and spiritual state are like. And if the teacher does not understand how to dress – then what example will he lead the students? The appearance of the teacher of course, is not directly related to the content of the academic discipline, but very much influences the quality of its mastering. – Thank you for such an interesting conversation! It was very interesting to talk with you! – And to you many thanks! I really enjoyed answering your questions! – Bye! Good luck in job! – Bye! Same to you!

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Writing an interview