Summary “Rain in plane trees”

The Tang military commander Zhang Shou-gui sends his subordinate, the Turk of An Lu-shan, against the Khitan. Anh is defeated. Zhang sends him to the capital. Emperor Xuan-tsong is carried away by the young concubine of Yan-guifei and is indifferent to the affairs of the government. Despite the warnings of the dignitary Zhang Jiu-lin, he not only preserves Anya’s life, but also allows the guifei to take him to “foster sons”. However, the first minister, Yan Kuo-chung, the favorite’s brother, seeks to send Anya to one of the garrisons. An, who managed to start an intrigue with guifei, swears to take revenge.

On the 7th day of the 7th moon, when, according to legend, the Heavenly weaver winds with the Shepherd, guifei feasts with the sovereign in the Palace of Longevity. He gives her a gold brooch and a precious casket and swears in eternal love.

An Lu-shan leads his army to the capital, allegedly with the goal of saving the emperor from unworthy times.

The emperor with musicians comes to the palace park – guifae intends to perform the dance of rainbow clothes. A special messenger from Sichuan brings her favorite lyche fruits. Guifei dances, the emperor is delighted. But dignitary Li Lin-fu reports about the approach of the rebels. The metropolitan garrison is small, and Lee persuades the emperor to go to Sichuan. He forced to agree.

The Emperor sets out on his way, accompanied by his entourage and army under the command of Chen Xuan-li. Along the way, he sees for the first time how poorly the people live. At the request of the peasants, he leaves for their protection part of the army, headed by the heir to the throne. However, the detachment accompanying the emperor refuses to go any further until the unworthy people surrounding the throne are finished. Jan Go-chung falls first victim. But the soldiers are not satisfied and Chen needs a head of Guifei through Chen. The emperor is forced to obey – the eunuch Gao gives her a cord, and she ends up with herself. The army tramples on its corpse and continues its journey. The Emperor is grieved.

The revolt is suppressed. Forsaken from the throne, Hsuan-tsung survives lonely days in memories of Yang-guifei, never taking his eyes off her portrait. She lay down to rest – she is in a dream. And outside the window the rain is knocking on the leaves of the plane tree (the one under which he swore love in guifei), and the vagaries of eunuch Gao are vain – the grief of the old emperor is infinite, like the autumn rain.

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Summary “Rain in plane trees”