Why punctuation is needed

Human speech arose from the need to exchange information, communicate with each other, understand each other. It exists in oral and written form. Speaking to the interlocutor, a person pauses, raises or lowers his voice, changes intonation depending on the purpose of the statement or on the degree of emotionality with which he speaks. How can he convey the content of the speech on the letter so that when reading, the other person not only correctly understood the meaning, but also imbued with the same feelings, emotions? I think that it was for this purpose that people created a system of punctuation marks. Since then, they perform their functions in the text.

First, they share sentences in the text, parts of a complex sentence, homogeneous terms in a simple sentence, separate direct speech from the author’s words, generalizing the word from homogeneous members, help the minds observe the order and order. Here the dot and the dots, the question and exclamation marks, the

colon and dashes and, of course, the comma are true. Let us turn our attention to Proposition 22. A question mark is placed at the end of the sentence. If it were not for him, would we have read the sentence with a questioning intonation? Of course, no, because the author did not use any interrogative words. And another intonation would lead to a distortion of the meaning conveyed by the author.

Secondly, punctuation marks distinguish certain members of the sentence, in place of these signs, we make special pauses, raise or lower the voice. There are commas and quotes working here. Let’s look at the sentence 9-10, in which the quotes mark out a direct speech, words that were written by a small violinist on a white sheet. Thanks to the signs arranged in the sentence, we understand exactly what details Kintel paid attention to, how persistently talented the girl achieves the goal, how much she is talented.

Hence, not only the words included in the text help the author to depict events, express thoughts and feelings, but also punctuation marks placed by him. They help us to move along the text, slow or

speed up the move, make short or long stop-pauses. It is only a moment to imagine that all these smart pointers have disappeared from the text, and you will immediately understand: the misunderstanding between the author and the reader is inevitable. So, the main function of speech is not fulfilled. So, without punctuation can not do, especially a person who wants to accurately and deeply convey their thoughts and understand the thoughts of others.

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Why punctuation is needed