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Speech etiquette

It is speech that distinguishes a person from an animal. The ability to share our thoughts allowed our species to achieve an unprecedented domination on the planet. The word is at the same time a powerful, powerful and very dangerous instrument that can both bring great good and significant harm.

Speech etiquette is a way to keep words under control and apply them as is customary and appropriate in a particular society. Each microsociety is a separate linguistic universe, where there are laws and peculiarities. In court, at a bank, at a social event, at a steel rolling mill, at a youth party – in each case there is a certain verbal etiquette that must be observed. Otherwise, people will look at least strange.

Therefore, everyone needs to learn two key principles of mastery of speech etiquette: to understand the features of the society in which you are and be able to control your speech in accordance with these characteristics.



The rules of behavior in modern society go far beyond the basic standards of decency. Business etiquette is a whole system of concepts and norms about how it behaves to lead a person in a business environment. Manners, speech, appearance, acceptable ways of doing business – all these categories are covered by business etiquette.

A key feature of business etiquette is a clear distribution of roles: each participant in the business process at different stages of his business may occupy different positions, and should behave accordingly. The roles of the subordinate, the manager, the representative of the company, the client, the partner and other positions usual for the business world from which participants of economic relations have to act, have certain norms that are accepted. Failure to comply with business etiquette may not just be perceived with condemnation, but also cause a very tangible financial loss.

Also it should be noted that business etiquette is a multi-faceted concept. After all, it’s not just about the rules of behavior for individuals, but for companies in general.

Etiquette regulates the norms that legal entities must adhere to in order to survive in an economic environment. In this case, the rules of etiquette form a kind of “matryoshka”, where the rules for the team are superimposed on individual rules for individuals.

Knowledge and observance of business etiquette are necessary elements of any business interaction in modern society.

Etiquette was always. Rules of Good Tone

Mankind has set the generally accepted rules of conduct for thousands of years. The rules themselves changed, historical conditions were transformed, but the very fact of the presence of rules of etiquette was always unshakable.

A simple example: some two hundred years ago a woman in trousers was something impossible and unacceptable, and at the meeting it was customary to take off her hats and bow. Today, women everywhere go in pants, and hats are only a few. However, the very existence of rules governing the style of clothing, standards of conduct and acceptable speech in this or that society have always been.

Proceeding from this, it should be understood that it is pointless to rebel against etiquette. Society has always had the property of treating negatively those who ignore generally accepted norms. So, the most effective and simple way to interact with any society is to play by its rules.

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Etiquette on etiquette