Once again about love

There is no fire – the fire of love is more wonderful.

M. Gorky

They say that the world exists because of love, that it is love that causes good deeds, inspires creators, changes a person: elevates his soul, makes him prettier, stronger, kinder. Indeed, love is a great power that no one can ever defeat.

To each lover it seems that before him no one so loved, that his love is special, the biggest, the most sincere and for life. This is true, because love is very personal, it has its own.

For a long time next to love there is separation. “Two faithful friends: love and separation – do not go alone without the other.” Sometimes the separation of lovers is eternal, like that of Orpheus and Eudredi, like Count Rezanov and Conchita. And then we have legends about undying love. How much Orpheus lived after the death of his beloved, he sang so many songs to people about the beauty of love and the eternity of separation. Conchita kept the vow

of silence, which she gave herself after the departure of her beloved. Did not wait. But she did not break the vow until her death. Today we are enjoying immortal creations about great love, timeless and deathless. “Do not part with your loved ones, sprout in them with all your flesh, and every time forever say goodbye when you leave for a moment” – these lines are close and understandable to loving hearts.

Sometimes lovers have to part with time. And then letters fly with words of love, faithfulness, tenderness: “Wait for me, and I will return, only very much wait.” A fighter in the wet, cold trench believed that the love of his girlfriend, his wife, would be saved from an enemy bullet. With such a faith it was easier to rise in the attack, it is easier to defeat the enemy and to bear the hardships of war. And then together celebrate the victory and triumph of love over death:

Do not understand them not waiting for them,
As in the midst of the fire, You saved me by
expecting your own
How I survived, we will know
Only we with you, You just

could wait,
Like no other.
K. Simonov. “Wait for me”

Love always triumphs in victory, even if love is tragic. Romeo and Juliet were lost, but their love and their death brought the long-awaited peace to Verona. Is not this the victory of love?

Too straightforward M. Gorky described the triumph of love over death in the poetic tale “Girl and Death.” In artistic terms, this is not “my”, if I may say so, a work: nothing between the lines, there’s nothing to think out. But the very essence is gorgeous: Death retreats, seeing the love of ardor and awe, realizing that the Girl is ready to lie down in the grave, and the loved one asks to save longer. And Death decides:

“Well,” said Death, “let there be a miracle!”
I authorize you – live!
Only I will be with you, I will
always be near love!

My peers are now in the time when a big and real love is about to come. It will come if we believe in its existence, despite the current talk that modern youth are not capable of real feelings. Let the cynical talk! I will believe that I will find love. And it will not be like any other. Because it will be my love.

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Once again about love