Writing an interesting case

When I lived in the summer with my grandmother, one interesting incident happened. Grandmother had a beautiful black cat Murchik. He was very smart, but had an independent character. He freely walked around the neighborhood, terrifying neighbors’ cats and even their masters. If he was picked up, he immediately broke away and could scratch.

And one day, Murchik disappeared. Previously, he sometimes disappeared at night, at most a day. And then I did not come home for a week. All were sad, my grandmother was afraid that something happened to the cat. She walked the streets, asked neighbors, but no one saw Murchik.

And somehow, my grandmother and I pass by one house, and there’s a black cat sitting near the gate, very similar to Murchik. We stopped, and he quickly ran up and began rubbing our legs against us. It was Murchik. And it turned out that the owners of this house left for several days and accidentally left the window open. Murchik climbed inwards, because there was a smell of fish from there. The neighbors dried it in the kitchen on the window. And in their absence, Murchik feasted on fish. And when the neighbors returned and noticed, quickly got into and fled.

My grandmother and I were very ashamed of Murchik when the neighbors told us this funny incident. But they were not very angry, because they forgot to close the window. We all laughed, but later we saw that Murchik often visited them in the yard and sat for a long time, following the window behind which the neighbors hung a protective net.

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Writing an interesting case