Composition on the topic of HOW TO BECOME ADULTS

Composition on the topic of HOW TO BECOME ADULTS

All the guys dream of becoming adults. I also dreamed about it from an early age. I grew up to the door handle, I thought, and I will become an adult. But as time passed, I grew out of shoes, I became a small bed, and I still did not grow up.

I began to understand that it was not about growth. And in what? For a long time could not answer this question.

For the first time I felt like an adult when I felt sorry for my mother. For many years I did not notice her fatigue, her feelings, her pain. And then suddenly noticed and regretted my mother. She was carrying a big heavy bag with potatoes, and for the first time in my life I thought: “She must be hard.” I grabbed the bag and carried it along with my mother. It was very hard, but I suddenly experienced the joy of this gravity: if it’s hard for me, then I helped my mother great!

I became more attentive to other people.

A person does not mature immediately. And each grows up at different times, regardless of age. I know young people who have a passport in their pockets, but they never became adults: once they were called inexplicable.

Is it good to be an adult? Good!

But is it easy? I’ll be honest: it’s hard! After all, an adult should be independent, should make decisions, take actions, overcome difficulties, must answer to people for his life and for the life of society.

Yes, an adult is good, even perfect. But provided that your life will be full and ahead you will have a high goal. Such a life does not come of itself. Her man must create only himself. And the earlier you understand this, the earlier you make your first independent steps, the more luck you will have.

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Composition on the topic of HOW TO BECOME ADULTS