Composition on the theme of reading

Today, the attitude towards reading has changed noticeably. People are busy with their own affairs and these matters do not include reading a book. Everyone is eager to earn more money, thereby ensuring a comfortable and comfortable life for himself and his family. People began to forget about self-development, and they prefer to spend their free time at the TV or at the computer. Undoubtedly, the development of modern technologies is good, but people have also changed with the advent of these very technologies.

We did not live in the USSR, but we know this period of time on Soviet films. In many of them you can see how people read books in mass: on the street, in public transport, in a cafe. In order not to lose time for nothing, they read even on the move, walking down the street. Now you can not find such a thing. People spend a lot of time traveling on public transport and either just go in their thoughts, or play and communicate by phone.

In previous years, our country was considered the most reading in the world. Now things are much worse. People forgot that reading books helps us to become smarter and even find a way out of any situation. Books develop our brain and make us more educated. It’s a pity that many of us have forgotten about this. Well at least in the school program there are many classical works, and then because of the appearance of a short content of books, school children do not want to waste time reading a full book.

And books are not cheap now, but electronic books have appeared, thanks to which you can get acquainted with the famous works of outstanding writers. Those who invented such a device, probably wanted to somehow draw people to read books. However, not so many people began to read. Many all also spend their free time unclear on what, roughly speaking, wasted. Only books make our brain work and develop, and we need to improve ourselves. What a pity that people do not take it seriously.

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Composition on the theme of reading