Will-power composition

Willpower is the quality of character that enables a person to achieve his goals and not to retreat before difficulties. Achievement of great heights is impossible without the use of great efforts, the ability to overcome discomfort and deprivation.

In our life, lack of willpower is often called the main cause of many problems: the inability to get rid of bad habits, the failure to achieve goals due to refusals to perform complex tasks, the reluctance to stop time-consuming entertainment for the sake of steps to a great goal, etc. Why is this happening? I think that often the main cause of weak willpower is laziness. For example, a person dreams of achieving success in art or science, but at the same time does not show purposefulness, firmness in character, does not do everything that is self-dependent, necessary to achieve the goal. In this case, it will be almost impossible to realize even the most cherished dream.

Strong will does not always accompany a person as an

innate trait of character, but each person always has the opportunity to develop his will, strengthen it, learn to not give up before difficulties.

History knows many examples where people have achieved their goals, despite the fact that they faced great difficulties and even misunderstandings, ridicule from other people. It seems to me that any person has great potential and opportunities, but many of them never reveal themselves because people do not believe in themselves, are lazy and do not receive support and understanding from relatives. Overcoming all these difficulties is possible, having a strong will and striving towards the goal.

I want to cite as an example the vivid history of the world-famous Nika Vuychich. This person was born an invalid: he never had arms and legs, because of what for a long time he suffered from loneliness and disrespectful attitude of society; However, having developed a strong willpower, he learned to cope with his problems, received higher education, actively participated in public life, as a result of which he headed a charitable organization and created a company for speeches, allowing to motivate people on the way to achieving their goals.

So, urging people not only to dream, but also to go to the dream, this man, like many other powerful people, says that the main driving force of man’s destiny is himself, his efforts and aspirations, firmness and unshakable willpower.

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Will-power composition