Composition “The Seasons”

All four seasons are unique in their own way, each of them has its own special features that every year surprise with their beautiful phenomena. Every person has his favorite season. Some like the spring, some summer, and some fall or winter. Everything depends on taste and preferences. Let’s start with the spring.

Spring is the most beautiful time of the year, which includes March, April and May months. With her arrival, nature revives and a new life begins. Gradually melting snow and frost, fresh breath is felt. In the blue sky, the sun shines, warming its rays. In the morning you wake up from the singing of birds, who are trying to tell Mother Nature about the arrival of the long-awaited spring. Between the trees appear the first tiny snowdrops, which persistently break through thick last year’s snow.

Summer is a wonderful, bright and colorful time, consisting of June, July and August months. In summer, the days are longer and the night is shorter. Nature

becomes green, the dazzling sun shines in the blue sky, birds do not cease to chant with their sonorous voices. And in the evening the singing of birds changes to a chorus of crickets, which does not stop until the morning.

Autumn is an amazing time of the year, including September, October and November. At this time of year, nature prepares for the cold winter, painting itself with special, unusual colors. The leaves of the trees turn from green into yellow, but the most beautiful at this time, is that a ripe harvest is going to, which pleases us with its variety of tastes. It’s not for nothing that autumn was nicknamed the golden time of the year.

Winter is a calm and quiet season. It consists of December, January and February. In winter, nature is covered by white snow and falls asleep until the first messengers of spring awaken. Cold and severe frosts come, which fascinate with their beauty. Especially in the morning everything shines, as if diamonds and diamonds fell from the sky, and the windows are painted with bizarre patterns. Also at this time the most long-awaited holiday of the year is celebrated – this is the new year, with the onset of which people begin a new life.

In conclusion, I want to say that nature has endowed us with wonderful seasons, which are surprisingly different from each other and at the same time are very closely interrelated with each other. It’s hard to imagine the life of one without the other, so love and appreciate every moment of the seasons.

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Composition “The Seasons”