“Why You Need to Know History” essay

History – the life of people, it has evolved over many centuries. History must be known, studying history, we learn about where people came from, what were the first representatives of the human race. We learn how the behavior of a person, traditions and customs gradually changed. It helps to see the errors of the ancestors of the modern generation so that they can not be committed later. Without knowing history, a person forgets his past, and the past present and future are interconnected. A person who has forgotten the past has no future.

From history we learn about great personalities, such as Lomonosov, Pushkin, Peter 1, Catherine the Great, we strive to be similar to them, remember their enormous contribution to the development of our state.

Discoveries committed in the past, we use in the present. If people did not know about what was created by the previous generation, then mankind would not be able to move from the dead center. All would be repeated several

times, there would be no social progress. If we had not invented a computer once, now, we would not have computers and gadgets to which we are so used, there would not have been information technology, vaccines for many deadly diseases, medicines, and much more.

Knowing the severity of the war, a person is afraid of it, and seeks to prevent it. If people did not preserve history, we would never have learned about the Patriotic War of 1812, the Great Patriotic War, world wars. After all, now there are no such large-scale wars as before, because mankind with the help of history was able to understand that war is scary, it is huge losses, famine, warped fates. Thanks to historical events, people learned to negotiate without battles, diplomacy and international relations appeared.
I think that history should be one of the main subjects for studying at school, along with the Russian language and mathematics. It is important that the modern generation does not forget the history of its country.

We need to know the main historical events, in order to know how our ancestors lived, so as not to allow the old mistakes, not to allow global catastrophes.

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“Why You Need to Know History” essay