Landscape lyrics Esenina

Sergei Yesenin is a great Russian poet, whose name stands in line with Pushkin, Lermontov, Nekrasov.

Through all his work he carried unshakable love and faith in man, in Russia, preserved for descendants the beauty of native nature, Russian soul, Russian word.

Beautiful landscape poet S. Yesenin. In it, along with descriptions of nature, the most intimate thoughts and feelings of the poet are transmitted:

On the side of the feather grass,

You are close to the heart,

But even in yours is denser

Yesenin’s poems are full of calm, quiet joy, contemplation, and bitterness of solitude. They open the door for the reader in an amazing, magical world, where “lambs curly – walks in blue grass for a month”, and the steppe about pink yearns for “the sky and pigeon clouds”.

The language of the poet is figurative, bright, lively. With the help of the visual means of the language he creates characteristic, memorable

images of dying stars, waking up earth, green valley, blue skies, bell-ringing.

Reading the poems of S. Yesenin, you learn to appreciate, love and protect the beauty of your native nature.

We all love our native nature. Probably, we are born with this feeling, because man is a part of nature, but how can you not love and not admire what you yourself are a part of? We can admire the beauty of the setting sun for hours, admire the extraordinary colors that make up the world in the summer morning, peer into the starry night sky with a sinking heart, listen to the sound of the rain outside the window and the rustle of the grass. But in order to tell about the beauty of the world around people, it’s not enough just to see and feel it, you need to have real talent. Such a talent was possessed by SA Esenin.

The landscape lyrics of the poet are filled with the sounds and smells of his beloved “pensive and tender” edge – the middle part of Russia: the reeds are rustling, “the bird-cherry smoke is croaking,” “the water is noisy behind the winged windmill,” “the

sleepy watchman is knocking the rattle,” somewhere in the distance is heard the song of the nightingale.

In Yesenin’s poems his personal moods were reflected, and therefore the nature in them is so changeable: that is cheerful, sad, crying, laughing, now condemning, then ringing and singing. But most often the poet “sadness evening” “excites insurmountable,” which makes his works extraordinarily lyrical and penetrating.

The nature of the native land rings like a strained soul-string of the poet, ringing from a piercing love for the native corner. Bells tease girlish laughter, “white chimes” of birches are heard, ivy calls, “voices” are weeping, and the poet wanders in “often ringing” and, worshiping his native roots, he quietly prays “to the sound of broken sedge.” Yesenin often draws nature with colorful paints. In his verses, blue and blue, green, rusty, and gold are splashing and pouring. The soft green of the fields spreads around, the light of the dawn is blazing, the sky of the sky is blue, the mountains are blue.

Yesenin’s landscapes are spiritual: the “slumbered road” is “drowsy”, which “has been dreamed up”, that “there is absolutely nothing left to wait for the gray-haired winter”, says the “golden bough” of the golden grove, looks at the “pink water” of the aspen, “sings” and ” winter, “the curly dusk behind the mountain with his hand waving white.” Each poem is filled with unique memorable

The times, surprising their novelty. Reading Esenin’s poems, we always note with surprise something new, one can feel his unusual look at familiar things and objects. The nature is depicted in a radiant, multifaceted manner: “the red dawn was on fire, the strip was clear in gold glitter,” “the dew on the nettle is shining,” “the red month is a foal” harnessed into a sleigh, and “the gray days of a cloudy day are floating, disheveled, past.”

The poems of this remarkable Russian poet will never cease to please us and attract us with their amazing sincerity, love for life, for their homeland, for all life.

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Landscape lyrics Esenina