What helps the student to learn well?

In order to learn well, you must first learn how to organize yourself and correctly allocate time.

My friend Sasha Bogatyrev always studied for triplets, despite the fact that he grasped literally on the fly and was famous in the class for good memory: he could repeat a very large verse passage, unknown to him earlier, after the third or fourth reading. Sasha simply did not have enough assiduity and organization, he did not study at home and did not do his homework almost in the hope that he would “get away with it.”

My friend is fond of martial arts and a few years already attending the school section on karate. He devotes much time to training and achieved good results. Arriving in the evening from the section home, Sasha loves to lie with a book and a sandwich on the couch. Before the lessons are there?

Once the coach of the section told the guys that in three months in Dnepropetrovsk will take place the competition of youth teams on karate. He said

that the school team should also be ready, but he put the condition: in the competition participates the one who does not have triples. In addition, the number of participants was limited: four people.

Sasha came home from training very excited and excited by the prospect of participating in competitions. He would be very upset if he, one of the best karatekas in the school, were not allowed to compete because of the triples. My friend decided to finally start studying. He sat down for textbooks and with great zeal tried to catch up. Teachers at the school supported Sasha’s aspirations and even offered to study with him separately. My friend took additional tasks, repeated the forgotten material. He did not have enough time for everything, so he had to revise the regime of the day. Sasha began to get up earlier, to plan his work. He had enough willpower to strictly adhere to his own schedule.

Naturally, the results began to affect very quickly. My friend pulled himself up in many subjects, and I, teasing him, once asked: “And what will happen after the competition? Is it possible that everything will go as before?” Sasha laughed and answered that there was no turning back – he was already involved in a new rhythm of life, and he liked him more than the old one.

Now my friend has enough time for everything: for study, for training, for rest and help in the house. He helped me plan the day. And the school team, of course, was my friend, took first place at the competitions.

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What helps the student to learn well?