Good and evil writing

From the earliest childhood we learn about the opposition of good and evil. We read fairy tales, where good heroes defeat villains, knights save princesses and entire villages from evil dragons, we hear from parents that it is to kind and good children Grandfather Frost will present gifts for New Year, and of course we know that to be kind – good, but evil – very bad.

Everything that we did not do in this life has the effect of a boomerang. When we do a good deed, he will necessarily return to us, just as the evil done to someone can turn against you. That’s why you need to try to do good deeds, especially since it is not difficult to do them at all. Sometimes good is just a word of support to a person who is in trouble, a smile given to passers-by on a hot morning, a piece of bread or sausage given to a street animal or simply words of love to dear people who have the magical power to make the world more beautiful.

Doing good we do it better not only to another person, we ourselves from this do well on the heart. Then, committing an evil deed – rude to parents, pushing away a friend who came to you for help, putting someone on the bandwagon, you will feel only pain and belated repentance in what they did. But, unfortunately, we can never turn back the clock.

But there are situations when good becomes evil, and vice versa. For example, letting a friend write off a homework assignment, on the one hand you help him not to get a “deuce”, but on the other hand, you do not let him become responsible and learn how to answer for one’s actions. And at the same time, the most terrible evil – murder, can be justified if it was done for the purpose of self-defense, the protection of another person or the defense of the Motherland in war. So it turns out that the concepts of good and evil need to look a little wider and try to do as our heart tells us.

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Good and evil writing