Composition on the theme “Memory problem”

Comments on the problem: Memory-concept is vital and broad. The memory is different. There is a memory of the Motherland, of the past of the native country and of its people, of family and friends, of happiness and love, and much more, but each of them is very important. For many centuries, history was created. Great people – scientists and warriors, heroes and sages – have made our life the way it used to be to us. And every moment of this life is possible only because there were centuries before it. We must constantly remember this, we must be clearly aware of it in order to continue to live, to remain a full-fledged person – a connecting link in the continuous flow of time.

Own position: I believe that the memory of our ancestors is the main wealth of our soul. After all, in order for us to live now and be what we are, many generations of people created our society, they made life as we saw it. And in ourselves – a direct continuation of the moral, cultural,

historical values ​​of grandfathers and great-grandfathers. It was the past generations who created us today, raised our thoughts and feelings to the heights of human wisdom. Therefore, we must always keep in our memory the trace of that human beauty, the fire that illuminated the life of the departed, the fire that they gave to us, and we will give to our descendants. After all, a person is established in the world not only as a thinking and feeling being, but also as one of the links in a strong eternal chain that connects the past and the future. The more a person cherishes the memory of his fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers, the more he realizes his place in this world, the deeper he feels his responsibility for the future. In our ancestors – the root of our present existence, the sources of our honor, conscience, dignity, ideals.

Arguments: The theme of memory sounds in Tvardovsky’s work in two aspects. First, the poet highlights the importance of the memory of those who died in the war, and secondly, speaks of the importance of chains of patrimonial, family memory, which were

ruthlessly destroyed during the Stalinist repressions, when many publicly renounced kinship with those who were declared an enemy of the people. The lines of the poem “Vasily Terkin” are dedicated to the memory of those who fought and died in the war. Especially the echoes of the past can be heard in Tvardovsky’s poem “By the Right of Remembrance”, where the central issue is the problem of what proportion the “Father of the Peoples” has prepared for his children. Expressively and firmly named “By right of memory” the poem was born as an act of resistance, its entire name was blown up by a terrible silence covering the past – many years of Stalin’s regime, and beat him by the organizers. This Tvardovsky poem is addressed to modern youth, is addressed to its spiritual and moral, ideological searches and aspirations.

Conclusion: It should be remembered that history is not divided into segments, its events are not distributed according to ranks and titles: everyone is responsible for everything that happened in the past, is done in the present and will happen in the future.

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Composition on the theme “Memory problem”