“Why do we need adjectives” composition

Adjective is a very interesting part of speech in Russian. By itself, it does not name either an action or an object, but merely concretizes it, adding a certain sign. In this connection, a natural question may arise: is it necessary in general for our language, and what will happen if we renounce it? Let’s try to speculate.

The adjective is called a name, and this gives it certain characteristics. By him, in our language there is one more name – a noun. It is quite obvious that both of them are very interconnected. However, this relationship is not exactly the same on either side.

The noun calls the object, and it says specifically. This is a table, it’s a boy, and this is love. Everything is clear, and it is unlikely that our speech could do without this part of it. The adjective is another matter. It as though characterizes an object, adding to it any sign, that is distributes, makes speech more colorful and figurative. And then another question arises:

is this imagery of our speech really necessary? Or is it possible to do without such a pleasant, but pleasant, bonus?
In fact, you can not.

Building any text, oral or written, we want to convey to the interlocutor, or the addressee, certain information. And if we say dryly: “Here is the table,” some special feature will disappear, the individuality of the utterance. After all, such a proposal can build at least someone, it is faceless, it has no soul. But everything will change in a moment, if you include the adjectives in the statement. The phrase will blossom, acquire individuality, shine with its own colors.

Everyone can characterize the same table in his own way, adding an important feature to him. And since people are all different, then important signs can be completely different. For someone, this will be an adjective “wooden”, for someone – “round”, “low”, “written”, and especially creative nature can be “magical” or “fabulous.” Apparently, the adjectives give each utterance an individuality and show

the personal characteristics of the speaker or the writer. But not only that.

The adjective is the specification of speech, the selection of the same table from a series of similar ones. This is a characteristic, an emphasis on individual characteristics, the naming of essential characteristics. And, besides, it is an ornament of our speech. After all, without adjectives, any phrase would be like a bare skeleton. A simple statement of facts, without any creativity. In fact, only an adjective gives such boundless possibilities for comparisons, for poetry, for beauty. If nouns and verbs are the skeleton of a statement, then the adjective is his soul, the opportunity to become special, unlike any other.

That is why this part of the speech is one of the main ones. And that’s why without it there will not be any literary text.

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“Why do we need adjectives” composition