What is real courage?

The children of Atticus often passed by the house of the harmful old Mrs. Dubois, and when she saw Jim and Jean Louise, they constantly spat them. One day, she not only scolded them, but also went from Atticus, their father. The fact is that Atticus voluntarily volunteered to defend the Negro in court (and the case is in the southern state of Alabama), which caused resentment of the majority of the inhabitants of the town. Jim could not stand it, broke the favorite camellia of Mrs. Dubois, growing up in her yard.

The old woman complained to Atticus and, as punishment for her deed, Jim was obliged to come to her house for a month and read it aloud. During the reading, Mrs. Dubois scolded the children (Jim came to her with her sister) and their upbringing. After a while with her it became bad, called in advance the alarm clock and they left. So a month passed. And then the children noticed that they stayed longer and longer with Mrs. Dubois (it turned out that the next time they

called each other several minutes later), and her seizures stopped. Soon, she let them go. A few weeks later the mission of Dubois died.

After her death, Atticus explained to Jim that the harmful Mrs. Dubois, despite her character, was a real lady and a manly man. She was ill for a long time and was forced to take morphine prescribed by her doctor (that would suffer pain). When Mrs. Dubois found out that she had to live for several months, she decided to get rid of this habit, in order to die completely free. Trying to escape from torment, she asked Atticus to read books to her. Every day, she tolerated a little longer and, in a month or so, was able to defeat herself and “jump off” with morphine. Atticus told his son that if he did not get caught, he still sent him to Mrs. Dubois. He wanted Jim to understand what true courage was.

. “Lady.” Jim looked up. He was red as a cancer. “She said such things about you, and do you think she’s a lady?”

– Yes. She looked at many things in her own way, perhaps not at all like me… Son, I already told you: if

you had not lost your head, I would have been all right? equally sent you to read it aloud. I wanted you to understand something about it, want you to see true courage, and not imagine that courage is when a person has a gun in his hands?. Courage is when you know in advance that you have lost, and everything? sewing for the cause and against everything in the world going? to the end. You rarely win, but sometimes you win everything. Mrs. Dubois won. By e? her views, she died, doing nothing to anyone and not doing anything. I’ve never met a man so gay.

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What is real courage?